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Academic Article Stability of secondary structural elements in a solvent-free environment. II: the beta-pleated sheets.
Academic Article Indirect assessment of small hydrophobic ligand binding to a model protein using a combination of ESI MS and HDX/ESI MS.
Academic Article Unfolding dynamics of a beta-sheet protein studied by mass spectrometry.
Academic Article Transporter-to-trap conversion: a disulfide bond formation in cellular retinoic acid binding protein I mutant triggered by retinoic acid binding irreversibly locks the ligand inside the protein.
Academic Article Detection and characterization of altered conformations of protein pharmaceuticals using complementary mass spectrometry-based approaches.
Academic Article Properties of a homogeneous C-lobe prepared by introduction of a TEV cleavage site between the lobes of human transferrin.
Academic Article Localizing flexible regions in proteins using hydrogen-deuterium exchange mass spectrometry.
Academic Article Studies of biomolecular conformations and conformational dynamics by mass spectrometry.
Academic Article Mass spectrometry-based methods to study protein architecture and dynamics.
Academic Article Transient structural disorder as a facilitator of protein-ligand binding: native H/D exchange-mass spectrometry study of cellular retinoic acid binding protein I.
Academic Article Gas-phase interference-free analysis of protein ion charge-state distributions: detection of small-scale conformational transitions accompanying pepsin inactivation.
Academic Article Evolution reversed: the ability to bind iron restored to the N-lobe of the murine inhibitor of carbonic anhydrase by strategic mutagenesis.
Academic Article Structural and functional consequences of the substitution of glycine 65 with arginine in the N-lobe of human transferrin.
Academic Article Existence of a noncanonical state of iron-bound transferrin at endosomal pH revealed by hydrogen exchange and mass spectrometry.
Academic Article Advances and challenges in analytical characterization of biotechnology products: mass spectrometry-based approaches to study properties and behavior of protein therapeutics.
Concept Models, Molecular
Academic Article A new approach to measuring protein backbone protection with high spatial resolution using H/D exchange and electron capture dissociation.
Academic Article Heparin decamer bridges a growth factor and an oligolysine by different charge-driven interactions.
Academic Article Enhancing the quality of H/D exchange measurements with mass spectrometry detection in disulfide-rich proteins using electron capture dissociation.
Academic Article Identification of reduction-susceptible disulfide bonds in transferrin by differential alkylation using O(16)/O(18) labeled iodoacetic acid.
Academic Article Characterization of intact protein conjugates and biopharmaceuticals using ion-exchange chromatography with online detection by native electrospray ionization mass spectrometry and top-down tandem mass spectrometry.
Academic Article Interactions of Haptoglobin with Monomeric Globin Species: Insights from Molecular Modeling and Native Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry.
Academic Article Electrostatic Forces as Dominant Interactions Between Proteins and Polyanions: an ESI MS Study of Fibroblast Growth Factor Binding to Heparin Oligomers.
Academic Article Exploiting His-Tags for Absolute Quantitation of Exogenous Recombinant Proteins in Biological Matrices: Ruthenium as a Protein Tracer.
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