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Academic Article Tuning the hemolytic and antibacterial activities of amphiphilic polynorbornene derivatives.
Academic Article Micro- to nanoscale structure of biocompatible PLA-PEO-PLA hydrogels.
Academic Article Activity of an antimicrobial peptide mimetic against planktonic and biofilm cultures of oral pathogens.
Academic Article Fast disinfecting antimicrobial surfaces.
Academic Article Phage wrapping with cationic polymers eliminates nonspecific binding between M13 phage and high pI target proteins.
Academic Article Synthetic mimics of antimicrobial peptides from triaryl scaffolds.
Academic Article Synthesis of urea oligomers and their antibacterial activity.
Academic Article Antimicrobial activity of an abiotic host defense peptide mimic.
Academic Article Broad-spectrum antibacterial activity by a novel abiogenic peptide mimic.
Academic Article Amphiphilic poly(phenyleneethynylene)s can mimic antimicrobial peptide membrane disordering effect by membrane insertion.
Academic Article Spin system assignment of homo-o-phenylene ethynylene oligomers.
Academic Article Synthetic antimicrobial oligomers induce a composition-dependent topological transition in membranes.
Academic Article Antimicrobial polymers prepared by ROMP with unprecedented selectivity: a molecular construction kit approach.
Academic Article Synthetic mimic of antimicrobial peptide with nonmembrane-disrupting antibacterial properties.
Academic Article Hydrophilic modifications of an amphiphilic polynorbornene and the effects on its hemolytic and antibacterial activity.
Academic Article "Doubly selective" antimicrobial polymers: how do they differentiate between bacteria?
Academic Article Antimicrobial polymers prepared by ring-opening metathesis polymerization: manipulating antimicrobial properties by organic counterion and charge density variation.
Academic Article Interaction between lipids and antimicrobial oligomers studied by solid-state NMR.
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