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Academic Article Nickel-ion-mediated control of the stoichiometry of his-tagged protein/nanoparticle interactions.
Academic Article Array-based sensing of metastatic cells and tissues using nanoparticle-fluorescent protein conjugates.
Academic Article Nanoparticle-GFP "chemical nose" sensor for cancer cell identification.
Academic Article Sensing of proteins in human serum using conjugates of nanoparticles and green fluorescent protein.
Academic Article Direct delivery of functional proteins and enzymes to the cytosol using nanoparticle-stabilized nanocapsules.
Concept Green Fluorescent Proteins
Academic Article Supramolecular tailoring of protein-nanoparticle interactions using cucurbituril mediators.
Academic Article Environmentally responsive histidine-carboxylate zipper formation between proteins and nanoparticles.
Academic Article Quantitative tracking of protein trafficking to the nucleus using cytosolic protein delivery by nanoparticle-stabilized nanocapsules.
Academic Article Ratiometric Array of Conjugated Polymers-Fluorescent Protein Provides a Robust Mammalian Cell Sensor.
Academic Article Chemically Engineered Nanoparticle-Protein Interface for Real-Time Cellular Oxidative Stress Monitoring.
Academic Article Programmed Self-Assembly of Hierarchical Nanostructures through Protein-Nanoparticle Coengineering.
Academic Article Rapid and ultrasensitive detection of endocrine disrupting chemicals using a nanosensor-enabled cell-based platform.
Academic Article Cytosolic Delivery of Functional Proteins In Vitro through Tunable Gigahertz Acoustics.
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