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Academic Article Gold nanoparticle-mediated transfection of mammalian cells.
Academic Article Light-regulated release of DNA and its delivery to nuclei by means of photolabile gold nanoparticles.
Academic Article Crown ether-peptide construct selectively kills cancer cells.
Academic Article Entrapment of hydrophobic drugs in nanoparticle monolayers with efficient release into cancer cells.
Academic Article Efficient gene delivery vectors by tuning the surface charge density of amino acid-functionalized gold nanoparticles.
Academic Article Formation of ordered cellular structures in suspension via label-free negative magnetophoresis.
Academic Article Photoregulated release of caged anticancer drugs from gold nanoparticles.
Academic Article Intracellular delivery of a membrane-impermeable enzyme in active form using functionalized gold nanoparticles.
Academic Article Effect of nanoparticle surface charge at the plasma membrane and beyond.
Academic Article Chemosensory models: approaches and applications of differential sensing.
Academic Article Nano meets biology: structure and function at the nanoparticle interface.
Academic Article Direct fabrication of functional and biofunctional nanostructures through reactive imprinting.
Academic Article Beauty is skin deep: a surface monolayer perspective on nanoparticle interactions with cells and bio-macromolecules.
Academic Article Modulating pharmacokinetics, tumor uptake and biodistribution by engineered nanoparticles.
Academic Article Stability of quantum dots in live cells.
Academic Article Determination of the intracellular stability of gold nanoparticle monolayers using mass spectrometry.
Academic Article The interplay of monolayer structure and serum protein interactions on the cellular uptake of gold nanoparticles.
Academic Article Dendronized gold nanoparticles for siRNA delivery.
Academic Article Array-based sensing of metastatic cells and tissues using nanoparticle-fluorescent protein conjugates.
Academic Article Differentiation of cancer cell type and phenotype using quantum dot-gold nanoparticle sensor arrays.
Academic Article Nanoparticle-GFP "chemical nose" sensor for cancer cell identification.
Academic Article Probing novel roles of the mitochondrial uniporter in ovarian cancer cells using nanoparticles.
Academic Article Toxicity of gold nanoparticles functionalized with cationic and anionic side chains.
Academic Article Cationic polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) units as carriers for drug delivery processes.
Academic Article Towards an in vivo biologically inspired nanofactory.
Academic Article Multiplexed screening of cellular uptake of gold nanoparticles using laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry.
Academic Article Detection and differentiation of normal, cancerous, and metastatic cells using nanoparticle-polymer sensor arrays.
Academic Article Sniffing out cancer using "chemical nose" sensors.
Academic Article Array-based sensing of normal, cancerous, and metastatic cells using conjugated fluorescent polymers.
Academic Article Tuning payload delivery in tumour cylindroids using gold nanoparticles.
Academic Article Gold nanoparticle platforms as drug and biomacromolecule delivery systems.
Academic Article Multimodal drug delivery using gold nanoparticles.
Academic Article Array-based sensing with nanoparticles: 'chemical noses' for sensing biomolecules and cell surfaces.
Academic Article The role of surface functionality on acute cytotoxicity, ROS generation and DNA damage by cationic gold nanoparticles.
Academic Article Recognition-mediated activation of therapeutic gold nanoparticles inside living cells.
Academic Article Drug delivery using nanoparticle-stabilized nanocapsules.
Academic Article Mechanism of anti-angiogenic property of gold nanoparticles: role of nanoparticle size and surface charge.
Academic Article Cell alignment using patterned biocompatible gold nanoparticle templates.
Academic Article Identifying new therapeutic targets via modulation of protein corona formation by engineered nanoparticles.
Academic Article Surface functionality of nanoparticles determines cellular uptake mechanisms in mammalian cells.
Academic Article The role of surface functionality in determining nanoparticle cytotoxicity.
Academic Article Direct delivery of functional proteins and enzymes to the cytosol using nanoparticle-stabilized nanocapsules.
Academic Article Replenishable dendrimer-nanoparticle hybrid membranes for sustained release of therapeutics.
Concept Neoplastic Stem Cells
Concept HeLa Cells
Concept Cell Nucleus
Concept COS Cells
Concept Cell Survival
Concept Receptors, Cell Surface
Concept Cell Adhesion
Concept NIH 3T3 Cells
Concept 3T3 Cells
Concept Tumor Cells, Cultured
Concept Cell Differentiation
Concept Hep G2 Cells
Concept Cells, Cultured
Concept Chemoreceptor Cells
Concept Cell Proliferation
Concept Cell Death
Concept Active Transport, Cell Nucleus
Concept Carcinoma, Non-Small-Cell Lung
Concept Cell Membrane
Concept Cell Culture Techniques
Concept Cell Membrane Permeability
Concept Cell Line
Concept Cells
Concept Cell Transplantation
Concept Cell Line, Tumor
Academic Article 25th anniversary article: interfacing nanoparticles and biology: new strategies for biomedicine.
Academic Article The role of ligand coordination on the cytotoxicity of cationic quantum dots in HeLa cells.
Academic Article Rapid coating of surfaces with functionalized nanoparticles for regulation of cell behavior.
Academic Article Linking an ?-tocopherol derivative to cobalt(0) nanomagnets: magnetically responsive antioxidants with superior radical trapping activity and reduced cytotoxicity.
Academic Article Mass spectrometric detection of nanoparticle host-guest interactions in cells.
Academic Article Fabrication of corona-free nanoparticles with tunable hydrophobicity.
Academic Article The role of surface functionality in nanoparticle exocytosis.
Academic Article High-content imaging and gene expression analysis to study cell-nanomaterial interactions: the effect of surface hydrophobicity.
Academic Article Control of nanoparticle penetration into biofilms through surface design.
Academic Article Rapid identification of bacterial biofilms and biofilm wound models using a multichannel nanosensor.
Academic Article A multichannel nanosensor for instantaneous readout of cancer drug mechanisms.
Academic Article Regulating exocytosis of nanoparticles via host-guest chemistry.
Academic Article Co-delivery of protein and small molecule therapeutics using nanoparticle-stabilized nanocapsules.
Academic Article Acylsulfonamide-Functionalized Zwitterionic Gold Nanoparticles for Enhanced Cellular Uptake at Tumor pH.
Academic Article Quantitative tracking of protein trafficking to the nucleus using cytosolic protein delivery by nanoparticle-stabilized nanocapsules.
Academic Article Supramolecular regulation of bioorthogonal catalysis in cells using nanoparticle-embedded transition metal catalysts.
Academic Article Cell surface-based sensing with metallic nanoparticles.
Academic Article Microwave-Induced Chemotoxicity of Polydopamine-Coated Magnetic Nanocubes.
Academic Article Nanoparticle-Stabilized Capsules for the Treatment of Bacterial Biofilms.
Academic Article Fabrication of Robust Protein Films Using Nanoimprint Lithography.
Academic Article The Interplay of Size and Surface Functionality on the Cellular Uptake of Sub-10 nm Gold Nanoparticles.
Academic Article Highlights from the latest articles in nanomaterial-based therapies for targeting cancer stem cells.
Academic Article Enhanced Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometric Detection of Gold Nanoparticles in Biological Samples Using the Synergy between Added Matrix and the Gold Core.
Academic Article Ratiometric Array of Conjugated Polymers-Fluorescent Protein Provides a Robust Mammalian Cell Sensor.
Academic Article Regulation of Macrophage Recognition through the Interplay of Nanoparticle Surface Functionality and Protein Corona.
Academic Article Nanoparticle-dendrimer hybrid nanocapsules for therapeutic delivery.
Academic Article Light-triggered RNA release and induction of hMSC osteogenesis via photodegradable, dual-crosslinked hydrogels.
Academic Article Quantitative Differentiation of Cell Surface-Bound and Internalized Cationic Gold Nanoparticles Using Mass Spectrometry.
Academic Article Biochemical and biomechanical drivers of cancer cell metastasis, drug response and nanomedicine.
Academic Article Cytosolic delivery of large proteins using nanoparticle-stabilized nanocapsules.
Academic Article Insulin-Based Regulation of Glucose-functionalized Nanoparticle Uptake in Muscle Cells.
Academic Article Beyond Biomarkers: Identifying Cell State using Unbiased Nanosensor Arrays.
Academic Article Zwitterionic Ligands Bound to CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots Prevent Adhesion to Mammalian Cells.
Academic Article A Multichannel Biosensor for Rapid Determination of Cell Surface Glycomic Signatures.
Academic Article Cross-Linked Polymer-Stabilized Nanocomposites for the Treatment of Bacterial Biofilms.
Academic Article Gradient and Patterned Protein Films Stabilized via Nanoimprint Lithography for Engineered Interactions with Cells.
Academic Article Cancer Cell Discrimination Using Host-Guest "Doubled" Arrays.
Academic Article Active Targeting of the Nucleus Using Nonpeptidic Boronate Tags.
Academic Article General Strategy for Direct Cytosolic Protein Delivery via Protein-Nanoparticle Co-engineering.
Academic Article Rapid phenotyping of cancer stem cells using multichannel nanosensor arrays.
Academic Article Nanocapsule-mediated cytosolic siRNA delivery for anti-inflammatory treatment.
Academic Article Engineered Polymer Nanoparticles with Unprecedented Antimicrobial Efficacy and Therapeutic Indices against Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria and Biofilms.
Academic Article Rapid and ultrasensitive detection of endocrine disrupting chemicals using a nanosensor-enabled cell-based platform.
Academic Article CRISPRed Macrophages for Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapy.
Academic Article Protein delivery into cells using inorganic nanoparticle-protein supramolecular assemblies.
Academic Article Charge-Switchable Nanozymes for Bioorthogonal Imaging of Biofilm-Associated Infections.
Academic Article Dynamically crosslinked polymer nanocomposites to treat multidrug-resistant bacterial biofilms.
Academic Article Dual Functionalization of Nanoparticles for Generating Corona-Free and Noncytotoxic Silica Nanoparticles.
Academic Article Control of Intra- versus Extracellular Bioorthogonal Catalysis Using Surface-Engineered Nanozymes.
Academic Article Polymer Amphiphiles for Photoregulated Anticancer Drug Delivery.
Academic Article Water-Dispersible and Biocompatible Iron Carbide Nanoparticles with High Specific Absorption Rate.
Academic Article Rapid Identification of Biofilms Using a Robust Multichannel Polymer Sensor Array.
Academic Article Protein Delivery into the Cell Cytosol using Non-Viral Nanocarriers.
Academic Article Phytochemical-Based Nanocomposites for the Treatment of Bacterial Biofilms.
Academic Article Direct Cytosolic Delivery of Proteins through Coengineering of Proteins and Polymeric Delivery Vehicles.
Academic Article Cytosolic Delivery of Functional Proteins In Vitro through Tunable Gigahertz Acoustics.
Academic Article Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: A Review of Conventional and Advanced Therapeutic Strategies.
Academic Article Nano Assessing Nano: Nanosensor-Enabled Detection of Cell Phenotypic Changes Identifies Nanoparticle Toxicological Effects at Ultra-Low Exposure Levels.
Academic Article Accessing Intracellular Targets through Nanocarrier-Mediated Cytosolic Protein Delivery.
Academic Article Anionic nanoparticle-induced perturbation to phospholipid membranes affects ion channel function.
Academic Article Differentiation of Cancer Stem Cells through Nanoparticle Surface Engineering.
Academic Article Efficient in vivo wound healing using noble metal nanoclusters.
Academic Article Regulation of Proteins to the Cytosol Using Delivery Systems with Engineered Polymer Architecture.
Academic Article Protein Delivery: If Your GFP (or Other Small Protein) Is in the Cytosol, It Will Also Be in the Nucleus.
Academic Article Biodegradable Poly(lactic acid) Stabilized Nanoemulsions for the Treatment of Multidrug-Resistant Bacterial Biofilms.
Academic Article Polymeric Nanoparticles Active against Dual-Species Bacterial Biofilms.
Concept RAW 264.7 Cells
Concept HEK293 Cells
Concept Neural Stem Cells
Concept Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells
Concept MCF-7 Cells
Academic Article Selective treatment of intracellular bacterial infections using host cell-targeted bioorthogonal nanozymes.
Academic Article Cell-Based Chemical Safety Assessment and Therapeutic Discovery Using Array-Based Sensors.
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