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Academic Article Entrapment of hydrophobic drugs in nanoparticle monolayers with efficient release into cancer cells.
Academic Article Photoregulated release of caged anticancer drugs from gold nanoparticles.
Academic Article Stability of quantum dots in live cells.
Academic Article Dendronized gold nanoparticles for siRNA delivery.
Academic Article Toxicity of gold nanoparticles functionalized with cationic and anionic side chains.
Academic Article Cationic polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) units as carriers for drug delivery processes.
Academic Article The role of surface functionality on acute cytotoxicity, ROS generation and DNA damage by cationic gold nanoparticles.
Academic Article Recognition-mediated activation of therapeutic gold nanoparticles inside living cells.
Academic Article Cell alignment using patterned biocompatible gold nanoparticle templates.
Academic Article The role of surface functionality in determining nanoparticle cytotoxicity.
Academic Article Replenishable dendrimer-nanoparticle hybrid membranes for sustained release of therapeutics.
Concept Cell Survival
Academic Article Rapid coating of surfaces with functionalized nanoparticles for regulation of cell behavior.
Academic Article Linking an a-tocopherol derivative to cobalt(0) nanomagnets: magnetically responsive antioxidants with superior radical trapping activity and reduced cytotoxicity.
Academic Article High-content imaging and gene expression analysis to study cell-nanomaterial interactions: the effect of surface hydrophobicity.
Academic Article Acylsulfonamide-Functionalized Zwitterionic Gold Nanoparticles for Enhanced Cellular Uptake at Tumor pH.
Academic Article Nanoparticle-dendrimer hybrid nanocapsules for therapeutic delivery.
Academic Article Cross-Linked Polymer-Stabilized Nanocomposites for the Treatment of Bacterial Biofilms.
Academic Article Polymer Amphiphiles for Photoregulated Anticancer Drug Delivery.
Academic Article Cytosolic Delivery of Functional Proteins In Vitro through Tunable Gigahertz Acoustics.
Academic Article Polymeric Nanoparticles Active against Dual-Species Bacterial Biofilms.
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