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Academic Article Lateral biases in head turning and the Moro response in the human newborn: are they both vestibular in origin?
Academic Article Multi-segmental torso coordination during the transition from sitting to standing.
Academic Article Is head-on-trunk extension a proprioceptive mediator of postural control and sit-to-stand movement characteristics?
Academic Article Stride cycle influences on goal-directed head movements made during walking.
Concept Head Protective Devices
Concept Head
Concept Head Movements
Academic Article Prospective dynamic balance control during the swing phase of walking: stability boundaries and time-to-contact analysis.
Academic Article Head and Tibial Acceleration as a Function of Stride Frequency and Visual Feedback during Running.
Academic Article Additional helmet and pack loading reduce situational awareness during the establishment of marksmanship posture.
Academic Article Adaptive changes in running kinematics as a function of head stability demands and their effect on shock transmission.
Academic Article Postural Control Underlying Head Movements While Tracking Visual Targets.
Academic Article Locomotor Coordination, Visual Perception and Head Stability during Running.
Academic Article Changes in coordination and variability during running as a function of head stability demands.
Academic Article Head control and head-trunk coordination as a function of anticipation in sidestepping.
Academic Article Modifications to head-trunk coordination dynamics during running and sidestepping.
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