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Academic Article Postural stability, tardive dyskinesia and developmental disability.
Academic Article Postural orientation: age-related changes in variability and time-to-boundary.
Academic Article On the functional aspects of variability in postural control.
Academic Article Limitations in the use and interpretation of continuous relative phase.
Academic Article Identification of axial rigidity during locomotion in Parkinson disease.
Academic Article Multi-segmental torso coordination during the transition from sitting to standing.
Academic Article Postural control in women with multiple sclerosis: effects of task, vision and symptomatic fatigue.
Academic Article Influence of low back pain status on pelvis-trunk coordination during walking and running.
Academic Article Quantification of postural sway patterns in tardive dyskinesia.
Academic Article Gender differences in lower extremity coupling variability during an unanticipated cutting maneuver.
Academic Article Adaptations in interlimb and intralimb coordination to asymmetrical loading in human walking.
Academic Article Coordination variability and skill development in expert triple jumpers.
Academic Article Gait initiation in multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Predicting dynamic postural instability using center of mass time-to-contact information.
Academic Article Scaling of plantarflexor muscle activity and postural time-to-contact in response to upper-body perturbations in young and older adults.
Academic Article Young and older adults use different strategies to perform a standing turning task.
Academic Article Time-to-contact and multiscale entropy identify differences in postural control in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.
Concept Postural Balance
Academic Article Prospective dynamic balance control during the swing phase of walking: stability boundaries and time-to-contact analysis.
Academic Article Enhancing postural stability and adaptability in multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Balance decrements are associated with age-related muscle property changes.
Academic Article Dual task interference during walking: The effects of texting on situational awareness and gait stability.
Academic Article Coupling of postural and manual tasks in expert performers.
Academic Article Multiscale entropy identifies differences in complexity in postural control in women with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Post-fatigue recovery of power, postural control and physical function in older women.
Academic Article Postural Control Underlying Head Movements While Tracking Visual Targets.
Academic Article Postural Control Complexity and Fatigue in Minimally Affected Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis.
Academic Article Saccadic eye movements are able to reduce body sway in mildly-affected people with Multiple Sclerosis.
Academic Article Postural Control While Listening in Younger and Middle-Aged Adults.
Academic Article The Influence of Photophobia on Postural Control in Patients With Migraine.
Academic Article Early aging and postural control while listening and responding.
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