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Academic Article Postural stability, tardive dyskinesia and developmental disability.
Academic Article Postural orientation: age-related changes in variability and time-to-boundary.
Academic Article Interlimb coupling patterns in human locomotion: are we bipeds or quadrupeds?
Academic Article Evaluation of time-to-contact measures for assessing postural stability.
Academic Article Coordination variability around the walk to run transition during human locomotion.
Academic Article Influence of embedding parameters and noise in center of pressure recurrence quantification analysis.
Academic Article Stability boundaries and lateral postural control in parkinson's disease.
Academic Article Developmental changes in the dynamical structure of postural sway during a precision fitting task.
Academic Article Multi-segmental torso coordination during the transition from sitting to standing.
Academic Article Relative phase coordination analysis in the assessment of dynamic gait symmetry.
Academic Article Postural control in women with multiple sclerosis: effects of task, vision and symptomatic fatigue.
Academic Article Is head-on-trunk extension a proprioceptive mediator of postural control and sit-to-stand movement characteristics?
Academic Article Quantification of postural sway patterns in tardive dyskinesia.
Academic Article Adaptations in interlimb and intralimb coordination to asymmetrical loading in human walking.
Academic Article Stride cycle influences on goal-directed head movements made during walking.
Academic Article Age-related changes in upper body adaptation to walking speed in human locomotion.
Academic Article Predicting dynamic postural instability using center of mass time-to-contact information.
Academic Article Leg power asymmetry and postural control in women with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Scaling of plantarflexor muscle activity and postural time-to-contact in response to upper-body perturbations in young and older adults.
Academic Article Young and older adults use different strategies to perform a standing turning task.
Academic Article Time-to-contact and multiscale entropy identify differences in postural control in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.
Academic Article Development of the coordination between posture and manual control.
Academic Article Correlations between kinematic and rating scale measures of tardive dyskinesia in a developmentally disabled population.
Concept Posture
Academic Article Evaluating runners with and without anterior knee pain using the time to contact the ankle joint complexes' range of motion boundary.
Academic Article Trunk bend and twist coordination is affected by low back pain status during running.
Academic Article Enhancing postural stability and adaptability in multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Balance decrements are associated with age-related muscle property changes.
Academic Article Dual task interference during walking: The effects of texting on situational awareness and gait stability.
Academic Article Multiscale entropy identifies differences in complexity in postural control in women with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Energy cost of walking, symptomatic fatigue and perceived exertion in persons with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Additional helmet and pack loading reduce situational awareness during the establishment of marksmanship posture.
Academic Article Coordination and variability during anticipated and unanticipated sidestepping.
Academic Article Walking combined with reach-to-grasp while crossing obstacles at different distances.
Academic Article Applying circular statistics can cause artefacts in the calculation of vector coding variability: A bivariate solution.
Academic Article Changes in the control of obstacle crossing in middle age become evident as gait task difficulty increases.
Academic Article Corrigendum to "Applying circular statistics can cause artefacts in the calculation of vector coding variability: A bivariate solution" [Gait Posture 65 (2018) 51-56].
Academic Article Gait characteristics during inadvertent obstacle contacts in young, middle-aged and older adults.
Academic Article Constraints of Load and Posture on Coordination Variability and Marksmanship Performance.
Academic Article Gait control of migraine patients with increasing light and sound levels.
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