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Academic Article Q-angle influences on the variability of lower extremity coordination during running.
Academic Article On the functional aspects of variability in postural control.
Academic Article Coordinative variability and overuse injury.
Academic Article Coordination variability and skill development in expert triple jumpers.
Academic Article Assessing walking behaviors of selected subpopulations.
Academic Article Leg power asymmetry and postural control in women with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Movement variability and skills monitoring in sports.
Concept Sports Equipment
Concept Athletic Injuries
Concept Athletic Performance
Concept Sports
Academic Article Trunk bend and twist coordination is affected by low back pain status during running.
Academic Article Coordination as a function of skill level in the gymnastics longswing.
Academic Article Allometrically Scaled Children's Clinical and Free-Living Ambulatory Behavior.
Academic Article Coordination analysis of players' distribution in football using cross-correlation and vector coding techniques.
Academic Article Interpersonal coordination analysis of tennis players from different levels during official matches.
Academic Article Coordination and variability during anticipated and unanticipated sidestepping.
Academic Article Comparing dynamical systems concepts and techniques for biomechanical analysis.
Academic Article Multidimensional joint coupling: a case study visualisation approach to movement coordination and variability.
Academic Article Multiscale entropy: A tool for understanding the complexity of postural control.
Academic Article Whole-body control of anticipated and unanticipated sidestep manoeuvres in female and male team sport athletes.
Academic Article Influence of neutral and stability athletic footwear on lower extremity coordination variability during a prolonged treadmill run in male rearfoot runners.
Academic Article Sports Injury Forecasting and Complexity: A Synergetic Approach.
Academic Article Head control and head-trunk coordination as a function of anticipation in sidestepping.
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