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Academic Article Nickel coordination is regulated by the DNA-bound state of NikR.
Academic Article Expression, reconstitution, and mutation of recombinant Streptomycescoelicolor NiSOD.
Academic Article XAS investigation of the nickel active site structure in Escherichia coli glyoxalase I.
Academic Article An XAS investigation of product and inhibitor complexes of Ni-containing GlxI from Escherichia coli: mechanistic implications.
Academic Article Nickel-specific response in the transcriptional regulator, Escherichia coli NikR.
Academic Article Role of the N-terminus in determining metal-specific responses in the E. coli Ni- and Co-responsive metalloregulator, RcnR.
Academic Article Effects of select histidine to cysteine mutations on transcriptional regulation by Escherichia coli RcnR.
Academic Article Heterologous expression, purification, and characterization of recombinant rat cysteine dioxygenase.
Academic Article Ni(II) and Co(II) sensing by Escherichia coli RcnR.
Concept Escherichia coli
Concept Escherichia coli Proteins
Academic Article Glutamate Ligation in the Ni(II)- and Co(II)-Responsive Escherichia coli Transcriptional Regulator, RcnR.
Academic Article Co(II) and Ni(II) binding of the Escherichia coli transcriptional repressor RcnR orders its N terminus, alters helix dynamics, and reduces DNA affinity.
Academic Article Correction to "Role of the N-terminus in Determining Metal-Specific Responses in the E. coli Ni- and Co-Responsive Metalloregulator, RcnR".

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