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Academic Article Purine-induced block to mouse embryo cleavage is reversed by compounds that elevate cyclic adenosine monophosphate.
Academic Article Porcine sperm factor supports activation and development of bovine nuclear transfer embryos.
Academic Article Egg-to-embryo transition is driven by differential responses to Ca(2+) oscillation number.
Academic Article Activation of fertilized and nuclear transfer eggs.
Academic Article Human sperm devoid of PLC, zeta 1 fail to induce Ca(2+) release and are unable to initiate the first step of embryo development.
Academic Article Activation of bovine somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos by PLCZ cRNA injection.
Academic Article Complete globozoospermia associated with PLC? deficiency treated with calcium ionophore and ICSI results in pregnancy.
Academic Article ICSI-generated mouse zygotes exhibit altered calcium oscillations, inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor-1 down-regulation, and embryo development.
Academic Article Preparation of nuclear transplant embryos by electroportation.
Academic Article Parthenogenetic activation of bovine oocytes using bovine and murine phospholipase C zeta.
Academic Article Effect of sperm extract injection volume, injection of PLCzeta cRNA, and tissue cell line on efficiency of equine nuclear transfer.
Concept Embryo Culture Techniques
Concept Embryo, Mammalian
Concept Embryo Loss
Concept Research Embryo Creation
Concept Embryo Transfer
Academic Article Dpy19l2-deficient globozoospermic sperm display altered genome packaging and DNA damage that compromises the initiation of embryo development.
Academic Article Phospholipase C-zeta deficiency as a cause for repetitive oocyte fertilization failure during ovarian stimulation for in vitro fertilization with ICSI: a case report.
Academic Article Homozygous mutation of PLCZ1 leads to defective human oocyte activation and infertility that is not rescued by the WW-binding protein PAWP.
Academic Article TRPM7-like channels are functionally expressed in oocytes and modulate post-fertilization embryo development in mouse.
Academic Article Defective sperm head decondensation undermines the success of ICSI in the bovine.

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