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Academic Article Arabidopsis mutants resistant to the auxin effects of indole-3-acetonitrile are defective in the nitrilase encoded by the NIT1 gene.
Academic Article Quantification of free plus conjugated indoleacetic acid in arabidopsis requires correction for the nonenzymatic conversion of indolic nitriles.
Academic Article Diverse range of gene activity during Arabidopsis thaliana leaf senescence includes pathogen-independent induction of defense-related genes.
Academic Article Flavonoids act as negative regulators of auxin transport in vivo in arabidopsis.
Academic Article Redundancy as a way of life - IAA metabolism.
Academic Article The Arabidopsis ATR1 Myb transcription factor controls indolic glucosinolate homeostasis.
Academic Article Characterization of auxin conjugates in Arabidopsis. Low steady-state levels of indole-3-acetyl-aspartate, indole-3-acetyl-glutamate, and indole-3-acetyl-glucose.
Academic Article A high-throughput method for the quantitative analysis of indole-3-acetic acid and other auxins from plant tissue.
Academic Article Auxin gradients are associated with polarity changes in trees.
Academic Article Trp-dependent auxin biosynthesis in Arabidopsis: involvement of cytochrome P450s CYP79B2 and CYP79B3.
Academic Article Arabidopsis thaliana auxotrophs reveal a tryptophan-independent biosynthetic pathway for indole-3-acetic acid.
Academic Article Sites and regulation of auxin biosynthesis in Arabidopsis roots.
Academic Article Approaching cellular and molecular resolution of auxin biosynthesis and metabolism.
Academic Article Aberrant synthesis of indole-3-acetic acid in Saccharomyces cerevisiae triggers morphogenic transition, a virulence trait of pathogenic fungi.
Academic Article A high-throughput method for the quantitative analysis of auxins.
Academic Article Redirection of tryptophan metabolism in tobacco by ectopic expression of an Arabidopsis indolic glucosinolate biosynthetic gene.
Academic Article A large increase in IAA during development of rice grains correlates with the expression of tryptophan aminotransferase OsTAR1 and a grain-specific YUCCA.
Concept Indoleacetic Acids
Academic Article Auxin and Tryptophan Homeostasis Are Facilitated by the ISS1/VAS1 Aromatic Aminotransferase in Arabidopsis.
Academic Article Rethinking Auxin Biosynthesis and Metabolism.
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