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Academic Article Interactions of a cationic antimicrobial (?-polylysine) with an anionic biopolymer (pectin): an isothermal titration calorimetry, microelectrophoresis, and turbidity study.
Academic Article Physicochemical properties and antimicrobial efficacy of electrostatic complexes based on cationic ?-polylysine and anionic pectin.
Academic Article Nanofibers as carrier systems for antimicrobial microemulsions. Part I: fabrication and characterization.
Academic Article Formation and stabilization of antimicrobial delivery systems based on electrostatic complexes of cationic-non-ionic mixed micelles and anionic polysaccharides.
Academic Article Cationic antimicrobial (?-polylysine)-anionic polysaccharide (pectin) interactions: influence of polymer charge on physical stability and antimicrobial efficacy.
Academic Article Physical properties and antimicrobial efficacy of thyme oil nanoemulsions: influence of ripening inhibitors.
Academic Article Physicochemical properties and antimicrobial efficacy of carvacrol nanoemulsions formed by spontaneous emulsification.
Concept Anti-Infective Agents
Academic Article Electrostatic interactions of cationic lauric arginate with anionic polysaccharides affect antimicrobial activity against spoilage yeasts.
Academic Article Effectiveness of a novel spontaneous carvacrol nanoemulsion against Salmonella enterica Enteritidis and Escherichia coli O157:H7 on contaminated mung bean and alfalfa seeds.
Academic Article Fabrication, stability and efficacy of dual-component antimicrobial nanoemulsions: essential oil (thyme oil) and cationic surfactant (lauric arginate).
Academic Article Effect of ripening inhibitor type on formation, stability, and antimicrobial activity of thyme oil nanoemulsion.
Academic Article Encapsulation, protection, and delivery of bioactive proteins and peptides using nanoparticle and microparticle systems: A review.
Academic Article Improving the Efficacy of Essential Oils as Antimicrobials in Foods: Mechanisms of Action.
Academic Article Impact of ripening inhibitors on molecular transport of antimicrobial components from essential oil nanoemulsions.
Academic Article Carbohydrate-based films containing pH-sensitive red barberry anthocyanins: Application as biodegradable smart food packaging materials.
Academic Article Fortification of edible films with bioactive agents: a review of their formation, properties, and application in food preservation.
Academic Article Fabrication, characterization, and performance of antimicrobial alginate-based films containing thymol-loaded lipid nanoparticles: Comparison of nanoemulsions and nanostructured lipid carriers.
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