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Academic Article Prooxidant mechanisms of free fatty acids in stripped soybean oil-in-water emulsions.
Academic Article Nutraceutical nanoemulsions: influence of carrier oil composition (digestible versus indigestible oil) on ?-carotene bioavailability.
Academic Article Vitamin E and vitamin E acetate solubilization in mixed micelles: physicochemical basis of bioaccessibility.
Academic Article Influence of lipid physical state on the in vitro digestibility of emulsified lipids.
Academic Article New mathematical model for interpreting pH-stat digestion profiles: impact of lipid droplet characteristics on in vitro digestibility.
Academic Article Minor components in food oils: a critical review of their roles on lipid oxidation chemistry in bulk oils and emulsions.
Concept Fatty Acids, Nonesterified
Academic Article Influence of whey protein-beet pectin conjugate on the properties and digestibility of ?-carotene emulsion during in vitro digestion.
Academic Article Electrostatic modulation and enzymatic cross-linking of interfacial layers impacts gastrointestinal fate of multilayer emulsions.
Academic Article Application of flow cytometry as novel technology in studying lipid oxidation and mass transport phenomena in oil-in-water emulsions.
Academic Article Factors impacting lipid digestion and ?-carotene bioaccessibility assessed by standardized gastrointestinal model (INFOGEST): oil droplet concentration.
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  • Fatty Acids Nonesterified