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Academic Article Ability of iron to promote surfactant peroxide decomposition and oxidize alpha-tocopherol.
Academic Article Fabrication of vitamin E-enriched nanoemulsions: factors affecting particle size using spontaneous emulsification.
Academic Article Vitamin E-enriched nanoemulsions formed by emulsion phase inversion: factors influencing droplet size and stability.
Academic Article Vitamin E bioaccessibility: influence of carrier oil type on digestion and release of emulsified a-tocopherol acetate.
Academic Article Vitamin E and vitamin E acetate solubilization in mixed micelles: physicochemical basis of bioaccessibility.
Academic Article Encapsulation of functional lipophilic components in surfactant-based colloidal delivery systems: vitamin E, vitamin D, and lemon oil.
Academic Article Behavior of vitamin E acetate delivery systems under simulated gastrointestinal conditions: lipid digestion and bioaccessibility of low-energy nanoemulsions.
Concept Vitamin D Deficiency
Concept Vitamin D
Concept Vitamin E
Concept Vitamin A
Concept Vitamin A Deficiency
Academic Article Effect of glycerol on formation, stability, and properties of vitamin-E enriched nanoemulsions produced using spontaneous emulsification.
Academic Article Stabilization of vitamin E-enriched nanoemulsions: influence of post-homogenization cosurfactant addition.
Academic Article Formation of vitamin D nanoemulsion-based delivery systems by spontaneous emulsification: factors affecting particle size and stability.
Academic Article Enhancing vitamin E bioaccessibility: factors impacting solubilization and hydrolysis of a-tocopherol acetate encapsulated in emulsion-based delivery systems.
Academic Article Effect of salts on formation and stability of vitamin E-enriched mini-emulsions produced by spontaneous emulsification.
Academic Article Thermal reversibility of vitamin E-enriched emulsion-based delivery systems produced using spontaneous emulsification.
Academic Article Nanoemulsion delivery systems for oil-soluble vitamins: Influence of carrier oil type on lipid digestion and vitamin D3 bioaccessibility.
Academic Article Formation and stabilization of nanoemulsion-based vitamin E delivery systems using natural biopolymers: Whey protein isolate and gum arabic.
Academic Article The influence of lipid droplet size on the oral bioavailability of vitamin D2 encapsulated in emulsions: an in vitro and in vivo study.
Academic Article Impact of Lipid Phase on the Bioavailability of Vitamin E in Emulsion-Based Delivery Systems: Relative Importance of Bioaccessibility, Absorption, and Transformation.
Academic Article Emulsions as delivery systems for gamma and delta tocotrienols: Formation, properties and simulated gastrointestinal fate.
Academic Article The Efficacy of Nanoemulsion-Based Delivery to Improve Vitamin D Absorption: Comparison of In Vitro and In Vivo Studies.
Academic Article Vitamin E Encapsulation in Plant-Based Nanoemulsions Fabricated Using Dual-Channel Microfluidization: Formation, Stability, and Bioaccessibility.
Academic Article Enhanced delivery of lipophilic bioactives using emulsions: a review of major factors affecting vitamin, nutraceutical, and lipid bioaccessibility.
Academic Article Vitamin E Encapsulation within Oil-in-Water Emulsions: Impact of Emulsifier Type on Physicochemical Stability and Bioaccessibility.
Academic Article Fabrication of plant-based vitamin D3-fortified nanoemulsions: influence of carrier oil type on vitamin bioaccessibility.
Academic Article Impact of an indigestible oil phase (mineral oil) on the bioaccessibility of vitamin D3 encapsulated in whey protein-stabilized nanoemulsions.
Academic Article Encapsulation of Vitamin D3 in Pickering Emulsion Stabilized by Nanofibrillated Mangosteen Cellulose: Effect of Environmental Stresses.
Academic Article Chitosan reduces vitamin D bioaccessibility in food emulsions by binding to mixed micelles.
Academic Article Fortification of Plant-Based Milk with Calcium May Reduce Vitamin D Bioaccessibility: An In Vitro Digestion Study.
Academic Article Food-Grade Titanium Dioxide Particles Decreased the Bioaccessibility of Vitamin D3 in the Simulated Human Gastrointestinal Tract.
Academic Article Bioaccessibility of oil-soluble vitamins (A, D, E) in plant-based emulsions: impact of oil droplet size.
Academic Article Vitamin A fortification: Recent advances in encapsulation technologies.
Academic Article Fortification by design: A rational approach to designing vitamin D delivery systems for foods and beverages.
Academic Article Dual role of polyglycerol vitamin E succinate in emulsions: An efficient antioxidant emulsifier.
Academic Article Vitamin C fortification: need and recent trends in encapsulation technologies.
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