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Academic Article The last half-century of psychiatric services as reflected in psychiatric services.
Academic Article The use of advance directives by persons with serious mental illness for psychiatric treatment.
Academic Article American "community" psychiatry.
Academic Article A history of private psychiatric hospitals in the USA: from start to almost finished.
Academic Article Personal accounts: first-person accounts in the Journal's first quarter-century.
Academic Article Excluding institutions for mental diseases from federal reimbursementfor services: strategy or tragedy?
Academic Article The premature demise of public child and adolescent inpatient psychiatric beds : Part II: challenges and implications.
Academic Article Should it be okay to beat up the nurse?
Academic Article Integrating forensically and civilly committed adult inpatients in a treatment mall program at a state hospital.
Academic Article When the subjects are hospital staff, is it ethical (or possible) to get informed consent?
Academic Article The changing role of the state psychiatric hospital.
Academic Article Interdisciplinary treatment planning in inpatient settings: from myth to model.
Academic Article Patient-centered, recovery-oriented psychiatric care and treatment are not always voluntary.
Academic Article United States Department of Justice findings letters in psychiatric hospital CRIPA cases: an aid or a distraction?
Academic Article Advance directives about treatment preferences had little impact on compulsory readmissions for people with serious mental illness.
Academic Article Medicaid everywhere.
Academic Article Asylum within and without asylums.
Academic Article Against the grain? A reasoned argument for not closing a state hospital.
Academic Article Avoiding extinction: successful private psychiatric hospitals in the opening decade of the twenty-first century.
Academic Article The recovery model and seclusion and restraint.
Academic Article The premature demise of public child and adolescent inpatient psychiatric beds : part I: overview and current conditions.
Academic Article A premature obituary: Edward C. Spitzka and the American psychiatry of 1878.
Concept Hospitals, Psychiatric
Concept Psychiatric Department, Hospital
Concept Advance Directives
Academic Article Recovery Services and Outcomes in a State Psychiatric Hospital.
Concept Psychiatric Rehabilitation
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