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Academic Article Substrate-induced conformational changes occur in all cleaved forms of caspase-6.
Academic Article Modeling nonaqueous proton wires built from helical peptides: biased proton transfer driven by helical dipoles.
Academic Article Phosphorylation regulates assembly of the caspase-6 substrate-binding groove.
Academic Article Identification of protease exosite-interacting peptides that enhance substrate cleavage kinetics.
Academic Article Discovery of an allosteric site in the caspases.
Academic Article Searching for new allosteric sites in enzymes.
Academic Article Robust production of a peptide library using methodological synchronization.
Academic Article Dissecting an allosteric switch in caspase-7 using chemical and mutational probes.
Academic Article A designed redox-controlled caspase.
Academic Article Mechanism of zinc-mediated inhibition of caspase-9.
Academic Article Structural basis of fluorescence quenching in caspase activatable-GFP.
Academic Article A tunable, modular approach to fluorescent protease-activated reporters.
Concept Models, Molecular
Academic Article A multipronged approach for compiling a global map of allosteric regulation in the apoptotic caspases.
Academic Article Co-delivery of protein and small molecule therapeutics using nanoparticle-stabilized nanocapsules.
Academic Article Reprogramming Caspase-7 Specificity by Regio-Specific Mutations and Selection Provides Alternate Solutions for Substrate Recognition.
Academic Article Dual Site Phosphorylation of Caspase-7 by PAK2 Blocks Apoptotic Activity by Two Distinct Mechanisms.
Academic Article The Unique Cofactor Region of Zika Virus NS2B-NS3 Protease Facilitates Cleavage of Key Host Proteins.
Academic Article Rare human Caspase-6-R65W and Caspase-6-G66R variants identify a novel regulatory region of Caspase-6 activity.
Academic Article Caspase-9 CARD?:?core domain interactions require a properly formed active site.
Academic Article Chemoproteomics Using Nucleotide Acyl Phosphates Reveals an ATP Binding Site at the Dimer Interface of Procaspase-6.
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