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Academic Article Human sperm devoid of PLC, zeta 1 fail to induce Ca(2+) release and are unable to initiate the first step of embryo development.
Academic Article Complexity of polycomb group function: diverse mechanisms of target specificity.
Academic Article Yin-Yang1 is required for epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and regulation of Nodal signaling during mammalian gastrulation.
Academic Article Morphogenetic analysis of peri-implantation development.
Academic Article Manipulations of mouse embryos prior to implantation result in aberrant expression of imprinted genes on day 9.5 of development.
Concept Embryo Culture Techniques
Concept Embryo, Mammalian
Concept Embryo Transfer
Concept Embryo Implantation
Academic Article RLIM is dispensable for X-chromosome inactivation in the mouse embryonic epiblast.
Academic Article Mga is essential for the survival of pluripotent cells during peri-implantation development.
Academic Article Polyamide Nanogels from Generally Recognized as Safe Components and Their Toxicity in Mouse Preimplantation Embryos.
Academic Article cis-Regulatory control of Mesp1 expression by YY1 and SP1 during mouse embryogenesis.
Academic Article Towards Functional Annotation of the Preimplantation Transcriptome: An RNAi Screen in Mammalian Embryos.
Academic Article Sperm-borne miR-449b influences cleavage, epigenetic reprogramming and apoptosis of SCNT embryos in bovine.

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