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Academic Article Domain-specific response of imprinted genes to reduced DNMT1.
Academic Article Complexity of polycomb group function: diverse mechanisms of target specificity.
Academic Article Yin-Yang1 is required for epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and regulation of Nodal signaling during mammalian gastrulation.
Academic Article Depletion of Suds3 reveals an essential role in early lineage specification.
Academic Article The mouse PcG gene eed is required for Hox gene repression and extraembryonic development.
Academic Article Morphogenetic analysis of peri-implantation development.
Academic Article Manipulations of mouse embryos prior to implantation result in aberrant expression of imprinted genes on day 9.5 of development.
Academic Article Yin-yang1 is required in the mammalian oocyte for follicle expansion.
Academic Article Wdr74 is required for blastocyst formation in the mouse.
Concept Down-Regulation
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental
Concept Gene Expression Regulation
Academic Article CTR9/PAF1c regulates molecular lineage identity, histone H3K36 trimethylation and genomic imprinting during preimplantation development.
Academic Article RLIM is dispensable for X-chromosome inactivation in the mouse embryonic epiblast.
Academic Article Identification of four genes required for mammalian blastocyst formation.
Academic Article Strategies for dissecting epigenetic mechanisms in the mouse.
Academic Article Identification of a novel isoform of the leukemia-associated MLLT1 (ENL/LTG19) protein.
Academic Article Tissue-specific regulation of Igf2r/Airn imprinting during gastrulation.
Academic Article Expression patterns of long noncoding RNAs from Dlk1-Dio3 imprinted region and the potential mechanisms of Gtl2 activation during blastocyst development.
Academic Article Epigenetic dynamics during preimplantation development.
Academic Article cis-Regulatory control of Mesp1 expression by YY1 and SP1 during mouse embryogenesis.
Academic Article Nop2 is required for mammalian preimplantation development.
Academic Article DIGIT Is a Conserved Long Noncoding RNA that Regulates GSC Expression to Control Definitive Endoderm Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells.
Academic Article Towards Functional Annotation of the Preimplantation Transcriptome: An RNAi Screen in Mammalian Embryos.
Academic Article Sperm capacitation is associated with phosphorylation of the testis-specific radial spoke protein Rsph6a†.
Academic Article Transcriptional Regulation and Genes Involved in First Lineage Specification During Preimplantation Development.
Academic Article Sperm-borne miR-449b influences cleavage, epigenetic reprogramming and apoptosis of SCNT embryos in bovine.
Academic Article MED20 is essential for early embryogenesis and regulates NANOG expression.
Academic Article The elongation factor Elof1 is required for mammalian gastrulation.
Academic Article Essential roles of HDAC1 and 2 in lineage development and genome-wide DNA methylation during mouse preimplantation development.
Academic Article MCRS1 is essential for epiblast development during early mouse embryogenesis.
Academic Article Expression analysis of mammalian mitochondrial ribosomal protein genes.
Academic Article Loss of POLR1D results in embryonic lethality prior to blastocyst formation in mice.
Academic Article ZC3H4-a novel Cys-Cys-Cys-His-type zinc finger protein-is essential for early embryogenesis in mice†.
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