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Academic Article Isolation of nine different biologically and immunologically active molecular variants of bovine follicular inhibin.
Academic Article Autologous granulosa cell coculture demonstrates zygote suppression of granulosa cell steroidogenesis.
Academic Article An improved method of purifying inhibin radioligand for radioimmunoassay.
Academic Article Human follistatin-related protein: a structural homologue of follistatin with nuclear localization.
Academic Article Development and validation of a radioligand receptor assay for measurement of luteinizing hormone in human serum.
Academic Article Electrophoretic purification of radioiodinated follicle-stimulating hormone for radioligand receptor assay and radioimmunoassay.
Academic Article Human follicular fluid contains pro- and C-terminal immunoreactive alpha-inhibin precursor proteins.
Academic Article Development of a radioligand receptor assay for measuring follitropin in serum: application to premature ovarian failure.
Academic Article Circulating antagonist of luteinizing hormone in association with infertility in stallions.
Academic Article Immunoreactive inhibin alpha-subunit in human serum: implications for radioimmunoassay.
Academic Article Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) immunoactivity in porcine follicular fluid is not pituitary FSH.
Academic Article Extragonadal alpha-inhibin precursor proteins circulate in human male serum.
Academic Article Serum follistatin levels in women: evidence against an endocrine function of ovarian follistatin.
Academic Article Multiple molecular weight forms of immunoreactive alpha-inhibin in human seminal plasma.
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