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Academic Article Blood lipid responses after continuous and accumulated aerobic exercise.
Academic Article Cardiovascular fitness and vascular inflammatory markers after acute aerobic exercise.
Academic Article The effects of increasing outdoor play time on physical activity in Latino preschool children.
Academic Article Defining accelerometer thresholds for physical activity in girls using ROC analysis.
Academic Article Energy cost of common activities in children and adolescents.
Academic Article Design and baseline characteristics of the Short bouTs of Exercise for Preschoolers (STEP) study.
Academic Article Accuracy of accelerometer regression models in predicting energy expenditure and METs in children and youth.
Academic Article Blood lipid responses to plant stanol ester supplementation and aerobic exercise training.
Academic Article Estimating physical activity from incomplete accelerometer data in field studies.
Academic Article Changes in physical activity from walking to school.
Academic Article Objectively measured physical activity and cardiovascular disease risk factors in African American girls.
Academic Article Effects of locomotor skill program on minority preschoolers' physical activity levels.
Concept Exercise
Concept Exercise Test
Academic Article Facilitators, barriers, and components of a culturally tailored afterschool physical activity program in preadolescent African American girls and their mothers.
Academic Article Intervention fidelity in a teacher-led program to promote physical activity in preschool-age children.
Academic Article Objective Analysis of Preschoolers' Physical Activity Patterns During Free Playtime.
Academic Article Feasibility and Effects of Short Activity Breaks for Increasing Preschool-Age Children's Physical Activity Levels.
Academic Article Associations among physical activity, screen time, and sleep in low socioeconomic status urban girls.
Academic Article Cross-Validation of Two Accelerometers for Assessment of Physical Activity and Sedentary Time in Preschool Children.
Academic Article Effect of a culturally-tailored mother-daughter physical activity intervention on pre-adolescent African-American girls' physical activity levels.
Academic Article Behavioral Effects of a Locomotor-Based Physical Activity Intervention in Preschoolers.
Academic Article Socio-Cultural and Environmental Factors that Influence Weight-Related Behaviors: Focus Group Results from African-American Girls and Their Mothers.
Academic Article Process evaluation of a culturally-tailored physical activity intervention in African-American mother-daughter dyads.
Academic Article Feasibility of Integrating Physical Activity Into Early Education Learning Standards on Preschooler's Physical Activity Levels.
Academic Article Effect of Applying Best Practices for Physical Activity and Screen Time to Family Childcare Homes.
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