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Academic Article Sleep spindles in midday naps enhance learning in preschool children.
Academic Article Delayed benefit of naps on motor learning in preschool children.
Academic Article Maternal Depressive Symptoms and Household Income in Relation to Sleep in Early Childhood.
Academic Article Napping reduces emotional attention bias during early childhood.
Academic Article Sleep Tight, Act Right: Negative Affect, Sleep and Behavior Problems During Early Childhood.
Academic Article REM theta activity enhances inhibitory control in typically developing children but not children with ADHD symptoms.
Academic Article Cross-Validation of Two Accelerometers for Assessment of Physical Activity and Sedentary Time in Preschool Children.
Academic Article Sleep and behavior of preschool children under typical and nap-promoted conditions.
Academic Article Positive emotional attention bias in young children with symptoms of ADHD.
Academic Article Sleep-dependent enhancement of emotional memory in early childhood.
Academic Article Television use and its effects on sleep in early childhood.
Academic Article Slow wave sleep in naps supports episodic memories in early childhood.
Academic Article Cross-Sectional Associations of 24-Hour Sedentary Time, Physical Activity, and Sleep Duration Compositions with Sleep Quality and Habits in Preschoolers.
Academic Article Parents' Nonstandard Work and Children's Sleep: The Mediating Role of Bedtime Routines.
Academic Article The role of naps in memory and executive functioning in early childhood.
Academic Article Unhealthy Diet Is Associated With Poor Sleep in Preschool-Aged Children.
Academic Article Bedsharing in Early Childhood: Frequency, Partner Characteristics, and Relations to Sleep.
Academic Article Temporal relationships between device-derived sedentary behavior, physical activity, and sleep in early childhood.
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