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Academic Article Phosphate enhances myosin-powered actin filament velocity under acidic conditions in a motility assay.
Academic Article Recent insights into the molecular basis of muscular fatigue.
Academic Article The effects of phosphate and acidosis on regulated thin-filament velocity in an in vitro motility assay.
Academic Article Cardiac muscle activation blunted by a mutation to the regulatory component, troponin T.
Academic Article Slip sliding away: load-dependence of velocity generated by skeletal muscle myosin molecules in the laser trap.
Academic Article Recent insights into muscle fatigue at the cross-bridge level.
Concept Muscle Contraction
Concept Muscle Strength
Concept Muscles
Concept Skeletal Muscle Myosins
Concept Muscle Fibers, Skeletal
Concept Muscle Fatigue
Concept Muscle Cells
Concept Muscle Fibers, Slow-Twitch
Concept Muscle Fibers, Fast-Twitch
Concept Muscle, Skeletal
Academic Article Phosphate and acidosis act synergistically to depress peak power in rat muscle fibers.
Academic Article Potential molecular mechanisms underlying muscle fatigue mediated by reactive oxygen and nitrogen species.
Academic Article Decreased Myofilament Calcium Sensitivity Plays a Significant Role in Muscle Fatigue.
Academic Article Muscle Fatigue from the Perspective of a Single Crossbridge.
Academic Article The molecular basis of thin filament activation: from single molecule to muscle.
Academic Article Acidosis affects muscle contraction by slowing the rates myosin attaches to and detaches from actin.
Academic Article Acidosis decreases the Ca2+ sensitivity of thin filaments by preventing the first actomyosin interaction.
Academic Article Positional Isomers of a Non-Nucleoside Substrate Differentially Affect Myosin Function.
Academic Article Myosin's powerstroke occurs prior to the release of phosphate from the active site.
Academic Article Recent insights into the relative timing of myosin's powerstroke and release of phosphate.
Academic Article Modeling thick filament activation suggests a molecular basis for force depression.
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