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Academic Article Versatile modes of peptide recognition by the ClpX N domain mediate alternative adaptor-binding specificities in different bacterial species.
Academic Article Adaptor-dependent degradation of a cell-cycle regulator uses a unique substrate architecture.
Academic Article Structure and substrate specificity of an SspB ortholog: design implications for AAA+ adaptors.
Academic Article Identification of ClpP substrates in Caulobacter crescentus reveals a role for regulated proteolysis in bacterial development.
Concept Endopeptidase Clp
Academic Article Critical clamp loader processing by an essential AAA+ protease in Caulobacter crescentus.
Academic Article ClpXP and ClpAP proteolytic activity on divisome substrates is differentially regulated following the Caulobacter asymmetric cell division.
Academic Article Cell cycle-dependent adaptor complex for ClpXP-mediated proteolysis directly integrates phosphorylation and second messenger signals.
Academic Article A Phosphosignaling Adaptor Primes the AAA+ Protease ClpXP to Drive Cell Cycle-Regulated Proteolysis.
Academic Article An Adaptor Hierarchy Regulates Proteolysis during a Bacterial Cell Cycle.
Academic Article Two ways to skin a cat: acyldepsipeptides antibiotics can kill bacteria through activation or inhibition of ClpP activity.
Academic Article ClpAP is an auxiliary protease for DnaA degradation in Caulobacter crescentus.
Academic Article Protease regulation and capacity during Caulobacter growth.
Academic Article Cargo engagement protects protease adaptors from degradation in a substrate-specific manner.
Academic Article Selective adaptor dependent protein degradation in bacteria.
Academic Article Polar Localization Hub Protein PopZ Restrains Adaptor-Dependent ClpXP Proteolysis in Caulobacter crescentus.
Academic Article Degradation of Lon in Caulobacter crescentus.
Academic Article The Cleavage Profile of Protein Substrates by ClpXP Reveals Deliberate Starts and Pauses.
Academic Article Cargo competition for a dimerization interface restricts and stabilizes a bacterial protease adaptor.
Academic Article ATP hydrolysis tunes specificity of a AAA+ protease.
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