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Academic Article Gender differences exist in the hip joint moments of healthy older walkers.
Academic Article Sensitivity of gait parameters to the effects of anti-inflammatory and opioid treatments in knee osteoarthritis patients.
Academic Article The role of physical activity in changes in walking mechanics with age.
Academic Article Repeatability of gait analysis for measuring knee osteoarthritis pain in patients with severe chronic pain.
Concept Gait
Academic Article Running Mechanics and Variability with Aging.
Academic Article Changes in coordination and its variability with an increase in running cadence.
Academic Article Variability of segment coordination using a vector coding technique: Reliability analysis for treadmill walking and running.
Academic Article Systematic review and meta-analysis of gait mechanics in young and older adults.
Academic Article Age related differences in segment coordination and its variability during gait.
Academic Article Biomechanical Response to Osteoarthritis Pain Treatment May Impair Long-Term Efficacy.
Academic Article Physical activity and age-related biomechanical risk factors for knee osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Gait mechanics contribute to exercise induced pain flares in knee osteoarthritis.
Academic Article The Roles of Sex and Physical Activity in Gait and Knee Extensor Function With Age.
Academic Article Comparison of measurement protocols to estimate preferred walking speed between sites.
Academic Article Comparisons of Knee Extensor Functional Demand During Gait by Age, Physical Activity Level, and the Impact of Acute Exercise and Walking Speed.
Academic Article Impact of parity on biomechanical risk factors for knee OA initiation.
Academic Article Variable Stiffness Shoes for Knee Osteoarthritis: An Evaluation of 3-Dimensional Gait Mechanics and Medial Joint Contact Forces.
Academic Article Estimating Ground Reaction Force and Center of Pressure Using Low-Cost Wearable Devices.
Academic Article Knee extensor functional demand in?individuals with knee osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Lower back kinetic demands during induced lower limb gait asymmetries.
Academic Article Age-related changes in gait biomechanics and their impact on the metabolic cost of walking: Report from a National Institute on Aging workshop.
Academic Article A data mining approach for determining biomechanical adaptations in runners who experienced and recovered from patellofemoral pain syndrome.
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