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Academic Article A study of dietary patterns in the Mexican-American population and their association with obesity.
Academic Article Adherence index based on the AHA 2006 diet and lifestyle recommendations is associated with select cardiovascular disease risk factors in older Puerto Ricans.
Academic Article Differences in diet pattern adherence by nativity and duration of US residence in the Mexican-American population.
Academic Article Dietary patterns of Hispanic elders are associated with acculturation and obesity.
Academic Article Social support, life events, and psychological distress among the Puerto Rican population in the Boston area of the United States.
Academic Article Association of depression, psycho-social stress and acculturation with respiratory disease among Puerto Rican adults in Massachusetts.
Academic Article A meat, processed meat, and French fries dietary pattern is associated with high allostatic load in Puerto Rican older adults.
Academic Article Acculturation and sociocultural influences on dietary intake and health status among Puerto Rican adults in Massachusetts.
Concept Acculturation
Academic Article Determinants of self-rated health and the role of acculturation: implications for health inequalities.
Academic Article Life events trajectories, allostatic load, and the moderating role of age at arrival from Puerto Rico to the US mainland.
Academic Article Factors associated with alcohol consumption patterns in a Puerto Rican urban cohort.
Academic Article Beyond cultural factors to understand immigrant mental health: Neighborhood ethnic density and the moderating role of pre-migration and post-migration factors.
Academic Article Food Insecurity Is Associated with Subsequent Cognitive Decline in the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study.
Academic Article Acculturation and Food Insecurity Among Puerto Ricans Living in Boston.
Academic Article Dietary Acculturation among Puerto Rican Adults Varies by Acculturation Construct and Dietary Measure.
Academic Article The association between baseline acculturation level and 5-year change in adiposity among Puerto Ricans living on the mainland United States.
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