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Academic Article The effect of drug abuse on body mass index in Hispanics with and without HIV infection.
Academic Article PPARG by dietary fat interaction influences bone mass in mice and humans.
Academic Article APOA2, dietary fat, and body mass index: replication of a gene-diet interaction in 3 independent populations.
Academic Article Folate network genetic variation, plasma homocysteine, and global genomic methylation content: a genetic association study.
Academic Article Higher dietary variety is associated with better nutritional status in frail elderly people.
Academic Article Relative influence of diet and physical activity on body composition in urban Chinese adults.
Academic Article Plasma phosphatidylcholine docosahexaenoic acid content and risk of dementia and Alzheimer disease: the Framingham Heart Study.
Concept Body Composition
Academic Article Standardization of the Food Composition Database Used in the Latin American Nutrition and Health Study (ELANS).
Academic Article Cross-Sectional Associations between Empirically-Derived Dietary Patterns and Indicators of Disease Risk among University Students.
Academic Article Genetic admixture and body composition in Puerto Rican adults from the Boston Puerto Rican Osteoporosis Study.
Academic Article Prospective Associations of Erythrocyte Composition and Dietary Intake of n-3 and n-6 PUFA with Measures of Cognitive Function.
Academic Article Higher-protein intake and physical activity are associated with healthier body composition and cardiometabolic health in Hispanic adults.
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