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Academic Article Association of energy intake with prostate cancer in a long-term aging study: Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging (United States).
Academic Article Intake of alpha-tocopherol is limited among US adults.
Academic Article Associations of empirically derived eating patterns with plasma lipid biomarkers: a comparison of factor and cluster analysis methods.
Academic Article A regional food-frequency questionnaire for the US Mississippi Delta.
Academic Article Long-term stability of food patterns identified by use of factor analysis among Swedish women.
Academic Article Commentary: Dietary patterns in transition can inform health risk, but detailed assessments are needed to guide recommendations.
Academic Article A study of dietary patterns in the Mexican-American population and their association with obesity.
Academic Article Dietary behaviors, physical activity, and cigarette smoking among pregnant Puerto Rican women.
Academic Article Protective effect of high protein and calcium intake on the risk of hip fracture in the Framingham offspring cohort.
Academic Article Differences in diet pattern adherence by nativity and duration of US residence in the Mexican-American population.
Academic Article Higher dietary variety is associated with better nutritional status in frail elderly people.
Academic Article Calcium intake and prostate cancer risk in a long-term aging study: the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging.
Academic Article Dietary patterns, abdominal visceral adipose tissue, and cardiometabolic risk factors in African Americans: the Jackson heart study.
Academic Article Trends in dietary patterns of Latin American populations.
Academic Article Dietary pattern is associated with homocysteine and B vitamin status in an urban Chinese population.
Academic Article Dietary patterns of Hispanic elders are associated with acculturation and obesity.
Academic Article The 2005 USDA Food Guide Pyramid is associated with more adequate nutrient intakes within energy constraints than the 1992 Pyramid.
Academic Article Longitudinal changes in food patterns predict changes in weight and body mass index and the effects are greatest in obese women.
Academic Article Colas, but not other carbonated beverages, are associated with low bone mineral density in older women: The Framingham Osteoporosis Study.
Academic Article Assessment of usual dietary intake in population studies of gene-diet interaction.
Academic Article Dietary patterns: challenges and opportunities in dietary patterns research an Experimental Biology workshop, April 1, 2006.
Academic Article Approaching health disparities from a population perspective: the National Institutes of Health Centers for Population Health and Health Disparities.
Academic Article Serum carotenoid and tocopherol concentrations vary by dietary pattern among African Americans.
Academic Article Validity of estimated dietary eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid intakes determined by interviewer-administered food frequency questionnaire among older adults with mild-to-moderate cognitive impairment or dementia.
Academic Article A traditional rice and beans pattern is associated with metabolic syndrome in Puerto Rican older adults.
Academic Article Association of depression, psycho-social stress and acculturation with respiratory disease among Puerto Rican adults in Massachusetts.
Academic Article Dietary patterns, approaches, and multicultural perspective.
Academic Article Depression and glycemic intake in the homebound elderly.
Academic Article Habitual sugar intake and cognitive function among middle-aged and older Puerto Ricans without diabetes.
Academic Article A meat, processed meat, and French fries dietary pattern is associated with high allostatic load in Puerto Rican older adults.
Academic Article Behaviors of young children around microwave ovens.
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Concept Image Processing, Computer-Assisted
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Concept Life Change Events
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Concept Advisory Committees
Concept Adaptation, Psychological
Academic Article Variety in fruit and vegetable intake and cognitive function in middle-aged and older Puerto Rican adults.
Academic Article Determinants of self-rated health and the role of acculturation: implications for health inequalities.
Academic Article Barriers and facilitators for consumer adherence to the dietary guidelines for Americans: the HEALTH study.
Academic Article Higher adherence to a diet score based on American Heart Association recommendations is associated with lower odds of allostatic load and metabolic syndrome in Puerto Rican adults.
Academic Article Adherence to the 2006 American Heart Association Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations for cardiovascular disease risk reduction is associated with bone health in older Puerto Ricans.
Academic Article Estudio Parto: postpartum diabetes prevention program for hispanic women with abnormal glucose tolerance in pregnancy: a randomised controlled trial - study protocol.
Academic Article Caffeine and alcohol intakes and overall nutrient adequacy are associated with longitudinal cognitive performance among U.S. adults.
Academic Article Food-insecure dietary patterns are associated with poor longitudinal glycemic control in diabetes: results from the Boston Puerto Rican Health study.
Academic Article Prevalence and changes over time of ideal cardiovascular health metrics among African-Americans: the Jackson Heart Study.
Academic Article Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies six novel loci associated with habitual coffee consumption.
Academic Article A Healthy Lifestyle Score Is Associated with Cardiometabolic and Neuroendocrine Risk Factors among Puerto Rican Adults.
Academic Article Proyecto Mam?: a lifestyle intervention in overweight and obese Hispanic women: a randomised controlled trial--study protocol.
Academic Article Validation and reproducibility of a semi-quantitative FFQ as a measure of dietary intake in adults from Puerto Rico.
Academic Article Standardization of the Food Composition Database Used in the Latin American Nutrition and Health Study (ELANS).
Academic Article Cross-Sectional Associations between Empirically-Derived Dietary Patterns and Indicators of Disease Risk among University Students.
Academic Article Association between barriers and facilitators to meeting the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and body weight status of caregiver-child dyads: the Healthy Eating and Lifestyle for Total Health Study.
Academic Article Interaction of an S100A9 gene variant with saturated fat and carbohydrates to modulate insulin resistance in 3 populations of different ancestries.
Academic Article Dietary quality of the US child and adolescent population: trends from 1999 to 2012 and associations with the use of federal nutrition assistance programs.
Academic Article Dairy intake and fecundability in 2 preconception cohort studies.
Academic Article Nutritional Considerations for Healthy Aging and Reduction in Age-Related Chronic Disease.
Academic Article Challenges and opportunities in establishing a collaborative multisite observational study of chronic diseases and lifestyle factors among adults in Puerto Rico.
Academic Article Dietary protein is associated with musculoskeletal health independently of dietary pattern: the Framingham Third Generation Study.
Academic Article Ideal Cardiovascular Health, Cardiovascular Remodeling, and Heart Failure in Blacks: The Jackson Heart Study.
Academic Article Relative validity of a food frequency questionnaire to identify dietary patterns in an adult Mexican population.
Academic Article Dairy Intake Is Protective against Bone Loss in Older Vitamin D Supplement Users: The Framingham Study.
Academic Article The Mediterranean Diet Score Is More Strongly Associated with Favorable Cardiometabolic Risk Factors over 2 Years Than Other Diet Quality Indexes in Puerto Rican Adults.
Academic Article Sociodemographic factors are associated with dietary patterns in Mexican schoolchildren.
Academic Article Sociodemographic and Lifestyle Factors, and Health Conditions of Dominican Adults Living in Puerto Rico.
Academic Article Longitudinal Change of Perceived Salt Intake and Stroke Risk in a Chinese Population.
Academic Article Behavioral Correlates of Empirically-Derived Dietary Patterns among University Students.
Academic Article Hidden Hunger: Solutions for America's Aging Populations.
Academic Article Dietary Patterns, Bone Mineral Density, and Risk of Fractures: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
Academic Article Patterns of Beverages Consumed and Risk of Incident Kidney Disease.
Academic Article Knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and health behaviors of bone health among Caribbean Hispanic/Latino adults.
Academic Article Influence of individual life course and neighbourhood socioeconomic position on dietary intake in African Americans: the Jackson Heart Study.
Academic Article Physical Activity: Impact on Survival in Gynecologic Cancer.
Academic Article Habitually skipping breakfast is associated with chronic inflammation: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Dietary Pattern Trajectories in Middle Age and Physical Function in Older Age.
Academic Article Metabolomic Markers of Southern Dietary Patterns in the Jackson Heart Study.
Academic Article Specific Dietary Protein Sources Are Associated with Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study.
Concept Food Assistance
Concept Racism
Concept Social Discrimination
Academic Article Pathways to a cancer-free future: a protocol for modelled evaluations to minimise the future burden of colorectal cancer in Australia.
Academic Article Is self-management a burden? What are the experiences of women self-managing chronic conditions during pregnancy? A systematic review.
Academic Article Consumption of Foods Away from Home Is Associated with Lower Diet Quality Among Adults Living in Puerto Rico.
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