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Academic Article Association of energy intake with prostate cancer in a long-term aging study: Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging (United States).
Academic Article Dietary patterns and changes in body mass index and waist circumference in adults.
Academic Article The effect of drug abuse on body mass index in Hispanics with and without HIV infection.
Academic Article Nutritional, immunological and health status of the elderly population living in poor neighbourhoods of Quito, Ecuador.
Academic Article APOA5 gene variation modulates the effects of dietary fat intake on body mass index and obesity risk in the Framingham Heart Study.
Academic Article A study of dietary patterns in the Mexican-American population and their association with obesity.
Academic Article High vitamin C intake is associated with lower 4-year bone loss in elderly men.
Academic Article Inverse association of carotenoid intakes with 4-y change in bone mineral density in elderly men and women: the Framingham Osteoporosis Study.
Academic Article WDTC1, the ortholog of Drosophila adipose gene, associates with human obesity, modulated by MUFA intake.
Academic Article Validity and calibration of food frequency questionnaires used with African-American adults in the Jackson Heart Study.
Academic Article Apolipoprotein A5 and lipoprotein lipase interact to modulate anthropometric measures in Hispanics of Caribbean origin.
Academic Article APOA2, dietary fat, and body mass index: replication of a gene-diet interaction in 3 independent populations.
Academic Article Dietary patterns and adenocarcinoma of the esophagus and distal stomach.
Academic Article Adherence to an (n-3) fatty acid/fish intake pattern is inversely associated with metabolic syndrome among Puerto Rican adults in the Greater Boston area.
Academic Article Relationship between perceived stress and dietary and activity patterns in older adults participating in the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study.
Academic Article Associations of fast food restaurant availability with dietary intake and weight among African Americans in the Jackson Heart Study, 2000-2004.
Academic Article Dietary patterns, abdominal visceral adipose tissue, and cardiometabolic risk factors in African Americans: the Jackson heart study.
Academic Article Dietary intake and body mass index in HIV-positive and HIV-negative drug abusers of Hispanic ethnicity.
Academic Article Longitudinal changes in food patterns predict changes in weight and body mass index and the effects are greatest in obese women.
Academic Article Intake of whole grains, refined grains, and cereal fiber measured with 7-d diet records and associations with risk factors for chronic disease.
Academic Article Centrally located body fat is associated with lower bone mineral density in older Puerto Rican adults.
Academic Article A high intake of saturated fatty acids strengthens the association between the fat mass and obesity-associated gene and BMI.
Academic Article Association between BDNF rs6265 and obesity in the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study.
Academic Article Low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 1 variant interacts with saturated fatty acids in Puerto Ricans.
Concept Body Mass Index
Academic Article Apolipoprotein A2 polymorphism interacts with intakes of dairy foods to influence body weight in 2 U.S. populations.
Academic Article Association of total protein intake with bone mineral density and bone loss in men and women from the Framingham Offspring Study.
Academic Article Prevalence and changes over time of ideal cardiovascular health metrics among African-Americans: the Jackson Heart Study.
Academic Article Bone Mineral Density and Protein-Derived Food Clusters from the Framingham Offspring Study.
Academic Article Cross-Sectional Associations between Empirically-Derived Dietary Patterns and Indicators of Disease Risk among University Students.
Academic Article Intakes of apple juice, fruit drinks and soda are associated with prevalent asthma in US children aged 2-9 years.
Academic Article The Omega-3 Index Is Inversely Associated with Depressive Symptoms among Individuals with Elevated Oxidative Stress Biomarkers.
Academic Article Association between barriers and facilitators to meeting the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and body weight status of caregiver-child dyads: the Healthy Eating and Lifestyle for Total Health Study.
Academic Article Food Insecurity Is Associated with Subsequent Cognitive Decline in the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study.
Academic Article Rhythmic Interlimb Coordination Impairments and the Risk for Developing Mobility Limitations.
Academic Article Factors associated with maintenance of body mass index in the Jackson Heart Study: A prospective cohort study secondary analysis.
Academic Article Excess free fructose, high-fructose corn syrup and adult asthma: the Framingham Offspring Cohort.
Academic Article Transethnic Evaluation Identifies Low-Frequency Loci Associated With 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Concentrations.
Academic Article Dietary phytoestrogen intakes of adult women are not strongly related to fecundability in 2 preconception cohort studies.
Academic Article Mendelian randomization analysis does not support causal associations of birth weight with hypertension risk and blood pressure in adulthood.
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