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Academic Article Bone mineral density and dietary patterns in older adults: the Framingham Osteoporosis Study.
Academic Article Dietary and plasma lipid, lipoprotein, and apolipoprotein profiles among elderly Hispanics and non-Hispanics and their association with diabetes.
Academic Article A regional food-frequency questionnaire for the US Mississippi Delta.
Academic Article Long-term stability of food patterns identified by use of factor analysis among Swedish women.
Academic Article Nutritional strategies in the prevention and treatment of metabolic syndrome.
Academic Article Intake of added sugar and sugar-sweetened drink and serum uric acid concentration in US men and women.
Academic Article Perilipin polymorphism interacts with dietary carbohydrates to modulate anthropometric traits in hispanics of Caribbean origin.
Academic Article High intra/interindividual variance ratios for energy and nutrient intakes of pregnant women in rural Malawi show that many days are required to estimate usual intake.
Academic Article Carbohydrate nutrition differs by diabetes status and is associated with dyslipidemia in Boston Puerto Rican adults without diabetes.
Academic Article Modulation by dietary fat and carbohydrate of IRS1 association with type 2 diabetes traits in two populations of different ancestries.
Academic Article Trends in dietary patterns of Latin American populations.
Academic Article Intake of whole grains, refined grains, and cereal fiber measured with 7-d diet records and associations with risk factors for chronic disease.
Academic Article Dietary patterns in Mexican adults are associated with risk of being overweight or obese.
Academic Article Depression and glycemic intake in the homebound elderly.
Academic Article Acculturation and sociocultural influences on dietary intake and health status among Puerto Rican adults in Massachusetts.
Academic Article Genetic variants at PSMD3 interact with dietary fat and carbohydrate to modulate insulin resistance.
Concept Dietary Carbohydrates
Academic Article Interaction of an S100A9 gene variant with saturated fat and carbohydrates to modulate insulin resistance in 3 populations of different ancestries.
Academic Article Glycemic load, dietary fiber, and added sugar and fecundability in 2 preconception cohorts.
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