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We favor having students work independently on defined projects that have promise of completion during the study period.

Project #1: Use a frog egg extract that supports multiple rounds of centrosome duplication in vitro to investigate the role of various high interest kinases in the control of centrosome duplication. Also, we can use these extracts to further investigate how various other proteins interact with the centrosome to influence its duplication.

Hinchcliffe, E.H., C. Li, E.A. Thompson, J.L. Maller and G. Sluder. 1999. Requirement of Cdk2-cyclin E activity for repeated centrosome reproduction in Xenopus egg extract. Science 283:851-854.

Project #2: Use microsurgery and immunofluorescence on BSC-1 cells to further investigate how centrioles influence the interphase progression of the cell cycle.

Hinchcliffe, E.H., F.J. Miller, M. Cham, A. Khodjakov and G. Sluder. 2001. Requirement of a centrosomal activity for cell cycle progression through G1 into S phase. Science 291: 1547-1550.

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Academic Article The apparent linkage between centriole replication and the S phase of the cell cycle.
Academic Article Requirement of a centrosomal activity for cell cycle progression through G1 into S phase.
Academic Article Cell cycle progression and de novo centriole assembly after centrosomal removal in untransformed human cells.
Academic Article Centriole biogenesis: a tale of two pathways.
Academic Article Centrosomes and the cell cycle.
Academic Article Reproductive capacity of sea urchin centrosomes without centrioles.
Academic Article Centrosome inheritance in starfish zygotes: selective loss of the maternal centrosome after fertilization.
Academic Article Centriole engagement: it's not just cohesin any more.
Academic Article The reproduction of centrosomes: nuclear versus cytoplasmic controls.
Academic Article Centriole number and the reproductive capacity of spindle poles.
Academic Article The de novo centriole assembly pathway in HeLa cells: cell cycle progression and centriole assembly/maturation.
Academic Article Protein synthesis and the cell cycle: centrosome reproduction in sea urchin eggs is not under translational control.
Academic Article Centriole duplication: analogue control in a digital age.
Academic Article The interrelationship between APC/C and Plk1 activities in centriole disengagement.
Concept Centrioles
Academic Article Link between DNA damage and centriole disengagement/reduplication in untransformed human cells.
Academic Article One to only two: a short history of the centrosome and its duplication.
Academic Article p53 protects against genome instability following centriole duplication failure.

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