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Academic Background

1980, B.A., Harvard University
1983, M.S., University of North Carolina
1987, Ph.D., University of North Carolina

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Computer Vision and Image ProcessingLarry Lifshitz

Research in this lab involves developing and appying new computer vision algorithms toaidin the identification and quantification of structures of interest in medical images of various types. The research is directed towards solving certain "driving problems" of interest to medical researchers and physicians at UMW.

Some driving problems to date have been: the automatic identification and tracking of microtubules in a time series of microscopic images of moving cells; the determination of cell membrane location in 3D fluorescently labelled fixed cells (to aid in quantification); the alignment of nuclear medicine and CT images to aid in the interpretation of nuclear medicine images; and the visualization and quantification of atherosclerosis in blood vessels.

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Research Figure

This figure shows a computer generated deformable surface which has deformed to match the true position of the cell membrane of a 3D image of a florescently labelled cell. Several slices from the 3D data set are also shown. The interactive visualization software and the deformable model software were developed by Dr. Lifshitz (in collaboration with others).

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