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Academic Article Asymmetry in the assembly of the RNAi enzyme complex.
Academic Article Drosophila microRNAs are sorted into functionally distinct argonaute complexes after production by dicer-1.
Academic Article Thirty-three years later, a glimpse at the ribonuclease III active site.
Academic Article Target RNA-directed trimming and tailing of small silencing RNAs.
Academic Article Somatic piRNA biogenesis.
Academic Article MicroRNA-regulated, systemically delivered rAAV9: a step closer to CNS-restricted transgene expression.
Academic Article Modular recognition of RNA by a human pumilio-homology domain.
Academic Article Argonaute divides its RNA guide into domains with distinct functions and RNA-binding properties.
Academic Article Sorting of Drosophila small silencing RNAs partitions microRNA* strands into the RNA interference pathway.
Academic Article Phosphate and R2D2 restrict the substrate specificity of Dicer-2, an ATP-driven ribonuclease.
Academic Article Diversifying microRNA sequence and function.
Concept Models, Biological
Academic Article Slicing and Binding by Ago3 or Aub Trigger Piwi-Bound piRNA Production by Distinct Mechanisms.
Academic Article The genome of the Hi5 germ cell line from Trichoplusia ni, an agricultural pest and novel model for small RNA biology.
Academic Article The evolutionarily conserved piRNA-producing locus pi6 is required for male mouse fertility.
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