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Academic Background

Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry), Princeton

Photo: Babs Soller, Ph.D.

We are exploring the application of optical spectroscopy for the noninvasive measurement of blood and tissue chemistry, ultimately to be able to perform chemical analysis and diagnosis without removing a sample from the patient. We are currently investigating the use of near infrared spectroscopy in combination with in-vivo chemometric techniques to determine tissue pH, tissue oxygen tension and blood hematocrit. We are also interested in the application of this technology in the triage and treatment of trauma patients.

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Academic Article Noninvasive in vivo measurement of venous blood pH during exercise using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy.
Academic Article Near infrared spectroscopy-derived interstitial hydrogen ion concentration and tissue oxygen saturation during ambulation.
Academic Article Lightweight noninvasive trauma monitor for early indication of central hypovolemia and tissue acidosis: a review.
Academic Article Noninvasive, near infrared spectroscopic-measured muscle pH and PO2 indicate tissue perfusion for cardiac surgical patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass.
Academic Article Tissue pH determination for the detection of metabolically active, inflamed vulnerable plaques using near-infrared spectroscopy: an in-vitro feasibility study.
Academic Article Removal of analyte-irrelevant variations in near-infrared tissue spectra.
Academic Article Noninvasive determination of exercise-induced hydrodgen ion threshold through direct optical measurement.
Academic Article Quantitative measurement of muscle oxygen saturation without influence from skin and fat using continuous-wave near infrared spectroscopy.
Concept Spectroscopy, Near-Infrared
Academic Article Preliminary evaluation of near infrared spectroscopy as a method to detect plasma leakage in children with dengue hemorrhagic fever.
Academic Article Tissue oxygen saturation during hyperthermic progressive central hypovolemia.
Academic Article Comparison of Noninvasive pH and Blood Lactate as Predictors of Mortality in a Swine Hemorrhagic Shock with Restricted Volume Resuscitation Model.
Academic Article Near infrared spectroscopy.

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