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Research Interests

Dr. Marianne Felice has a long history of clinical research in issues related to adolescent health issues with a particular focus on adolescent sexuality, teen pregnancy, and adolescent sexual abuse. Dr. Felice is also interested in cross-cultural health care topics particularly as this issue relates to the provision of optimal health care for recently immigrated adolescents.

Dr. Felice has had continual funding since 1986 from the federal Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Programs in the Department of Health and Human Services that has enabled her to develop adolescent pregnancy prevention programs in three states. In Worcester, Dr. Felice developed the Worcester Teen Tot Connection that provides comprehensive, interdisciplinary health care for teen mothers and their infants in order to reduce repeat pregnancies within two years of the first birth, insure that all the infants are immunized by 2 years of age, and to facilitate the return to school of each young mother. In this endeavor, Dr. Felice has worked closely with Dr. Dianne Elfenbein and multiple community social agencies.

Dr. Felice is also interested in the racial disparity of infant mortality and has begun to investigate this topic with the help of many local agencies and the Department of Public Health on the local and state level.

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