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Academic Article Measuring the loss of autonomy over nicotine use in adolescents: the DANDY (Development and Assessment of Nicotine Dependence in Youths) study.
Academic Article The hardest thing is the habit: a qualitative investigation of adolescent smokers' experience of nicotine dependence.
Academic Article Tobacco control for clinicians who treat adolescents.
Academic Article Symptoms of nicotine dependence and other predictors of student smoking at school: implications for school smoking policy.
Academic Article Parent's socioeconomic status, adolescents' disposable income, and adolescents' smoking status in Massachusetts.
Academic Article Nicotine-dependence symptoms are associated with smoking frequency in adolescents.
Academic Article Preventing cancer by controlling youth tobacco use.
Academic Article Prenatal and postnatal environmental tobacco smoke exposure and children's health.
Academic Article Measuring adults' loss of autonomy over nicotine use: the Hooked on Nicotine Checklist.
Academic Article Smoking trajectories of adolescent novice smokers in a longitudinal study of tobacco use.
Academic Article Tobacco chippers report diminished autonomy over smoking.
Academic Article The effect of abstinence on cigarette consumption upon the resumption of smoking.
Academic Article The extent to which tobacco marketing and tobacco use in films contribute to children's use of tobacco: a meta-analysis.
Academic Article Symptoms of tobacco dependence after brief intermittent use: the Development and Assessment of Nicotine Dependence in Youth-2 study.
Academic Article Susceptibility to nicotine dependence: the Development and Assessment of Nicotine Dependence in Youth 2 study.
Academic Article Diminished autonomy over tobacco can appear with the first cigarettes.
Academic Article Effect of a pediatric practice-based smoking prevention and cessation intervention for adolescents: a randomized, controlled trial.
Academic Article Perceived accessibility of cigarettes among youth: a prospective cohort study.
Academic Article Enforcement of underage sales laws as a predictor of daily smoking among adolescents: a national study.
Academic Article Determinants of first puff and daily cigarette smoking in adolescents.
Academic Article The loss of autonomy over smoking in relation to lifetime cigarette consumption.
Academic Article The Autonomy Over Smoking Scale.
Academic Article Early course of nicotine dependence in adolescent smokers.
Academic Article Development of a measure of the latency to needing a cigarette.
Academic Article The assessment of tobacco dependence in young users of smokeless tobacco.
Academic Article Does progression through the stages of physical addiction indicate increasing overall addiction to tobacco?
Academic Article Effectiveness of a school nurse-delivered smoking-cessation intervention for adolescents.
Academic Article Adolescents' acquisition of cigarettes through noncommercial sources.
Academic Article Screening adolescents for nicotine dependence: the Hooked On Nicotine Checklist.
Academic Article A sensitization-homeostasis model of nicotine craving, withdrawal, and tolerance: integrating the clinical and basic science literature.
Academic Article A comparison of the psychometric properties of the hooked on nicotine checklist and the modified Fagerstr?m tolerance questionnaire.
Academic Article Smoking prevention and cessation intervention delivery by pediatric providers, as assessed with patient exit interviews.
Academic Article Early dating and smoking initiation: Some thoughts about a common cause.
Academic Article Hooked from the first cigarette.
Academic Article Imaging brain activation in nicotine-sensitized rats.
Academic Article Let the children be heard: lessons from studies of the early onset of tobacco addiction.
Academic Article Time to re-examine old definitions of nicotine dependence.
Academic Article Perceived accessibility as a predictor of youth smoking.
Academic Article A systematic review of the International Classification of Diseases criteria for the diagnosis of tobacco dependence.
Academic Article Children's loss of autonomy over smoking: the Global Youth Tobacco Survey.
Academic Article Who are you going to believe? Adolescents and nicotine addiction.
Academic Article Which interventions against the sale of tobacco to minors can be expected to reduce smoking?
Academic Article Responses to environmental smoking in never-smoking children: can symptoms of nicotine addiction develop in response to environmental tobacco smoke exposure?
Concept Drug and Narcotic Control
Concept Risk-Taking
Concept Motor Activity
Concept Needs Assessment
Concept Parent-Child Relations
Concept Child Behavior
Concept Communication
Concept Program Evaluation
Concept Alcohol Drinking
Concept Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Concept Family
Concept Statistics as Topic
Concept Nurse's Role
Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Concept Impulsive Behavior
Concept Attitude to Health
Concept Habits
Concept Self Concept
Concept Guideline Adherence
Concept Smoking Cessation
Concept Exploratory Behavior
Concept Commerce
Concept Tobacco Use Cessation
Concept Interpersonal Relations
Concept Behavior, Animal
Concept Marijuana Smoking
Concept Physician's Role
Concept Truth Disclosure
Concept Law Enforcement
Concept Smoking
Concept Government Regulation
Concept Life Style
Concept Data Collection
Concept Health Behavior
Concept Government Programs
Concept Sexual Behavior
Concept Adolescent Behavior
Concept Social Behavior
Concept Patient Compliance
Concept Child Welfare
Concept Behavior, Addictive
Concept Relaxation
Concept Behavior Therapy
Concept Image Processing, Computer-Assisted
Concept Marketing
Concept Consensus
Concept Surveys and Questionnaires
Concept Trust
Concept Advisory Committees
Academic Article Ethnicity and socioeconomic status as risk factors for rapid onset of tobacco addiction.
Academic Article Commentary on Hu et?al. (2014): the validity of the DSM is not a 'given'.
Academic Article Perspectives in Implementing a Pragmatic Pediatric Primary Care-Based Intervention Trial.
Academic Article A 2015 Update on The Natural History and Diagnosis of Nicotine Addiction.
Academic Article Cohort Profile: The Nicotine Dependence in Teens (NDIT) Study.
Academic Article Levels of physical dependence on tobacco among adolescent smokers in Cyprus.
Academic Article Correlates of nicotine dependence among adolescent waterpipe smokers.
Academic Article Early symptoms of nicotine dependence among adolescent waterpipe smokers.
Academic Article Can tobacco dependence provide insights into other drug addictions?
Academic Article Smoking Cessation in Adolescents: targeted approaches that work.
Academic Article Waterpipe smoking patterns and symptoms of nicotine dependence: The Waterpipe Dependence in Lebanese Youth Study.
Academic Article Determinants of progression of nicotine dependence symptoms in adolescent waterpipe smokers.
Academic Article Natural Course of Nicotine Dependence Among Adolescent Waterpipe and Cigarette Smokers.
Academic Article Predictors of nicotine dependence among adolescent waterpipe and cigarette smokers: A 6-year longitudinal analysis.
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