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Academic Article Heritability of apnea of prematurity: a retrospective twin study.
Academic Article Forecasting respiratory collapse: theory and practice for averting life-threatening infant apneas.
Academic Article Point process modeling of interbreath interval: a new approach for the assessment of instability of breathing in neonates.
Academic Article Stabilizing immature breathing patterns of preterm infants using stochastic mechanosensory stimulation.
Academic Article Assessment of cardio-respiratory interactions in preterm infants by bivariate autoregressive modeling and surrogate data analysis.
Academic Article A point process model of respiratory dynamics in early physiological development.
Concept Animals, Newborn
Concept Infant, Newborn, Diseases
Concept Infant, Newborn
Academic Article Transforming artifact to signal: A wavelet-based algorithm for quantifying neonatal movement.
Academic Article Kangaroo care: cardio-respiratory relationships between the infant and caregiver.
Academic Article Stochastic Resonance Effects on Apnea, Bradycardia, and Oxygenation: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Uncovering statistical features of bradycardia severity in premature infants using a point process model.
Academic Article Predicting Bradycardia in Preterm Infants Using Point Process Analysis of Heart Rate.
Academic Article Improving heart rate estimation in preterm infants with bivariate point process analysis of heart rate and respiration.
Academic Article Vibrotactile stimulation: A non-pharmacological intervention for opioid-exposed newborns.
Academic Article Quantifying Movement in Preterm Infants Using Photoplethysmography.
Academic Article Bayesian Online Changepoint Detection Of Physiological Transitions.
Academic Article Automated movement detection reveals features of maturation in preterm infants.
Academic Article Effect of spontaneous movement on respiration in preterm infants.
Academic Article Predicting apneic events in preterm infants using cardio-respiratory and movement features.
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