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Academic Article Self-management of type 2 diabetes: a survey of low-income urban Puerto Ricans.
Academic Article Stress, social support, and cortisol: inverse associations?
Academic Article Contributions of weight perceptions to weight loss attempts: differences by body mass index and gender.
Academic Article Factors related to weight loss behavior in a multiracial/ethnic workforce.
Academic Article Association of depressive symptoms and lifestyle behaviors among Latinos at risk of type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Compliance with National Cholesterol Education Program dietary and lifestyle guidelines among older women with self-reported hypercholesterolemia. The Women's Health Initiative.
Academic Article Symptom experience after discontinuing use of estrogen plus progestin.
Academic Article Measuring quality of life in low-income, Spanish-speaking Puerto Ricans with type 2 diabetes residing in the mainland U.S.
Academic Article Design and methods for a randomized clinical trial comparing three outreach efforts to improve screening mammography adherence.
Concept Cross-Sectional Studies
Academic Article Optimism and diet quality in the Women's Health Initiative.
Academic Article Sleep Duration and Diet Quality Among Women Within 5 Years of Childbirth in the United States: A Cross-Sectional Study.
Academic Article Neighborhood environment correlates of physical activity and sedentary behavior among Latino adults in Massachusetts.
Academic Article Influential Factors of Puerto Rican Mother-Child Communication About Sexual Health Topics.
Academic Article Psychometric Development of the Research and Knowledge Scale.
Academic Article Spirituality and Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior among Latino Men and Women in Massachusetts.
Academic Article Sedentary Behavior and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors among Latino Adults.
Academic Article It Weigh(t)s on You: Everyday Discrimination and Adiposity Among Latinos.
Academic Article Does provider advice to increase physical activity differ by activity level among US adults with cardiovascular disease risk factors?
Academic Article Spirituality and Willingness to Participate in Health-Related Research Among African Americans.
Academic Article Association of Dysfunctional Eating Patterns and Metabolic Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease among Latinos.
Academic Article Physical Activity and Sleep Quality and Duration During Pregnancy Among Hispanic Women: Estudio PARTO.
Academic Article Caste matters: perceived discrimination among women in rural India.
Academic Article Association between emotional eating, energy-dense foods and overeating in Latinos.
Academic Article Physical activity and sleep quality and duration among Hispanic postpartum women at risk for type 2 diabetes: Estudio PARTO.
Academic Article Preferences, use of and satisfaction with mental health services among a sample of Puerto Rican cancer patients.
Academic Article Association between food insecurity and emotional eating in Latinos and the mediating role of perceived stress.
Academic Article Healthy Eating Policy Strategies in Community Health Improvement Plans: A Cross-Sectional Survey of US Local Health Departments.
Academic Article Resilience and CVD-protective Health Behaviors in Older Women: Examining Racial and Ethnic Differences in a Cross-Sectional Analysis of the Women's Health Initiative.
Academic Article Does Home Remedy Use Contribute to Medication Nonadherence Among Blacks with Hypertension?
Academic Article Emotional Eating Mediates the Relationship Between Food Insecurity and Obesity in Latina Women.
Academic Article Dysfunctional Eating Behaviors and Dietary Intake in Puerto Rico.
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