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Academic Article The Drosophila tumor suppressor gene, dlg, is involved in structural plasticity at a glutamatergic synapse.
Academic Article Synapse maturation and structural plasticity at Drosophila neuromuscular junctions.
Academic Article SSB, an antigen that selectively labels morphologically distinct synaptic boutons at the Drosophila larval neuromuscular junction.
Academic Article Drosophila larval neuromuscular junction: molecular components and mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity.
Academic Article The Ras1-mitogen-activated protein kinase signal transduction pathway regulates synaptic plasticity through fasciclin II-mediated cell adhesion.
Academic Article Regulation of synaptic plasticity and synaptic vesicle dynamics by the PDZ protein Scribble.
Academic Article Wnts: up-and-coming at the synapse.
Academic Article Wnt signaling during synaptic development and plasticity.
Academic Article Inhibitory control of synaptic and behavioral plasticity by octopaminergic signaling.
Academic Article Drosophila amphiphysin functions during synaptic Fasciclin II membrane cycling.
Academic Article New synaptic bouton formation is disrupted by misregulation of microtubule stability in aPKC mutants.
Academic Article Plasticity and second messengers during synapse development.
Academic Article WNTs tune up the neuromuscular junction.
Academic Article Autoregulatory and paracrine control of synaptic and behavioral plasticity by octopaminergic signaling.
Concept Neuronal Plasticity
Academic Article A Tale of Two Inputs.
Academic Article Retrovirus-like Gag Protein Arc1 Binds RNA and Traffics across Synaptic Boutons.
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