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Academic Article Effects of Sin- versions of histone H4 on yeast chromatin structure and function.
Academic Article The yeast SWI-SNF complex facilitates binding of a transcriptional activator to nucleosomal sites in vivo.
Academic Article Role for ADA/GCN5 products in antagonizing chromatin-mediated transcriptional repression.
Academic Article SWI/SNF complex: dissection of a chromatin remodeling cycle.
Academic Article Recruitment of chromatin remodeling machines.
Academic Article Global role for chromatin remodeling enzymes in mitotic gene expression.
Academic Article Transcription. Unlocking the gates to gene expression.
Academic Article Phosphorylation of linker histones regulates ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling enzymes.
Academic Article Chromatin remodeling enzymes: taming the machines. Third in review series on chromatin dynamics.
Academic Article Chromatin remodeling: a marriage between two families?
Academic Article Cell cycle-regulated histone acetylation required for expression of the yeast HO gene.
Academic Article Histone H3 amino-terminal tail phosphorylation and acetylation: synergistic or independent transcriptional regulatory marks?
Academic Article Role of chromatin states in transcriptional memory.
Academic Article Chromatin remodeling by the SWI/SNF complex is essential for transcription mediated by the yeast cell wall integrity MAPK pathway.
Academic Article Chromatin and transcription: histones continue to make their marks.
Academic Article ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling.
Academic Article In vivo DNase I, MNase, and restriction enzyme footprinting via ligation-mediated polymerase chain reaction (LM-PCR).
Academic Article Dominant role for signal transduction in the transcriptional memory of yeast GAL genes.
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Fungal
Concept Gene Expression Regulation
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Enzymologic
Academic Article The Ino80 complex prevents invasion of euchromatin into silent chromatin.
Academic Article Structural analyses of the chromatin remodelling enzymes INO80-C and SWR-C.
Academic Article The Histone Chaperones FACT and Spt6 Restrict H2A.Z from Intragenic Locations.
Academic Article Mot1, Ino80C, and NC2 Function Coordinately to Regulate Pervasive Transcription in Yeast and Mammals.

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