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Academic Article Membrane recruitment of the kinase cascade scaffold protein Ste5 by the Gbetagamma complex underlies activation of the yeast pheromone response pathway.
Academic Article The role of Far1p in linking the heterotrimeric G protein to polarity establishment proteins during yeast mating.
Academic Article Role of Cdc42p in pheromone-stimulated signal transduction in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Academic Article Interaction with the SH3 domain protein Bem1 regulates signaling by the Saccharomyces cerevisiae p21-activated kinase Ste20.
Academic Article Identification of novel membrane-binding domains in multiple yeast Cdc42 effectors.
Academic Article Membrane localization of scaffold proteins promotes graded signaling in the yeast MAP kinase cascade.
Academic Article Cyclin-specific docking motifs promote phosphorylation of yeast signaling proteins by G1/S Cdk complexes.
Academic Article A membrane binding domain in the ste5 scaffold synergizes with gbetagamma binding to control localization and signaling in pheromone response.
Academic Article Dual role for membrane localization in yeast MAP kinase cascade activation and its contribution to signaling fidelity.
Academic Article A mechanism for cell-cycle regulation of MAP kinase signaling in a yeast differentiation pathway.
Academic Article Systems biology. Customized signaling circuits.
Concept Adaptor Proteins, Signal Transducing
Academic Article Regulation of cyclin-substrate docking by a G1 arrest signaling pathway and the Cdk inhibitor Far1.
Academic Article CDK and MAPK Synergistically Regulate Signaling Dynamics via a Shared Multi-site Phosphorylation Region on the Scaffold Protein Ste5.
Academic Article MAPK modulation of yeast pheromone signaling output and the role of phosphorylation sites in the scaffold protein Ste5.
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