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Academic Article Mammographic imaging with a small format CCD-based digital cassette: physical characteristics of a clinical system.
Academic Article Comparison of tomosynthesis methods used with digital mammography.
Academic Article Solid-state fluoroscopic imager for high-resolution angiography: parallel-cascaded linear systems analysis.
Academic Article A perceptual evaluation of JPEG 2000 image compression for digital mammography: contrast-detail characteristics.
Academic Article High-resolution imager for digital mammography: physical characterization of a prototype sensor.
Academic Article Computation of the glandular radiation dose in digital tomosynthesis of the breast.
Academic Article Dedicated breast CT: fibroglandular volume measurements in a diagnostic population.
Academic Article Detection of simulated lesions on data-compressed digital mammograms.
Academic Article Theoretical analysis of high-resolution digital mammography.
Academic Article Scatter radiation in digital tomosynthesis of the breast.
Academic Article Detection of simulated microcalcifications in a phantom with digital mammography: effect of pixel size.
Academic Article Radiation dose to organs and tissues from mammography: Monte Carlo and phantom study.
Academic Article Modeling the performance characteristics of computed radiography (CR) systems.
Academic Article Semi-automated segmentation and classification of digital breast tomosynthesis reconstructed images.
Academic Article Personalized estimates of radiation dose from dedicated breast CT in a diagnostic population and comparison with diagnostic mammography.
Concept User-Computer Interface
Concept Computer Simulation
Concept Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted
Concept Computer-Aided Design
Concept Radiographic Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted
Concept Image Processing, Computer-Assisted
Academic Article Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: State of the Art.

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