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Academic Article Somatic localization of a specific large-conductance calcium-activated potassium channel subtype controls compartmentalized ethanol sensitivity in the nucleus accumbens.
Academic Article Interleukin-4 activates large-conductance, calcium-activated potassium (BKCa) channels in human airway smooth muscle cells.
Academic Article Posttranscriptional regulation of BK channel splice variant stability by miR-9 underlies neuroadaptation to alcohol.
Academic Article Sizing up ethanol-induced plasticity: the role of small and large conductance calcium-activated potassium channels.
Academic Article Alcohol tolerance in large-conductance, calcium-activated potassium channels of CNS terminals is intrinsic and includes two components: decreased ethanol potentiation and decreased channel density.
Academic Article BKca channel in autism and mental retardation.
Academic Article Identification of a BK channel auxiliary protein controlling molecular and behavioral tolerance to alcohol.
Academic Article BK Channels: mediators and models for alcohol tolerance.
Concept Large-Conductance Calcium-Activated Potassium Channels
Concept Small-Conductance Calcium-Activated Potassium Channels
Concept Large-Conductance Calcium-Activated Potassium Channel alpha Subunits
Concept Potassium Channel Blockers
Concept Large-Conductance Calcium-Activated Potassium Channel beta Subunits
Concept Potassium Channels, Calcium-Activated
Academic Article Large conductance voltage- and Ca2+-gated potassium (BK) channel ?4 subunit influences sensitivity and tolerance to alcohol by altering its response to kinases.
Academic Article BK channels mediate dopamine inhibition of firing in a subpopulation of core nucleus accumbens medium spiny neurons.
Academic Article Luciferase shRNA Presents off-Target Effects on Voltage-Gated Ion Channels in Mouse Hippocampal Pyramidal Neurons.
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