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  1. Drug-induced adaptations in neuronal circuitry contributing to psychosis or addiction could be viewed as a form of neuronal plasticity and thus may depend on similar molecular mechanisms that operate in learning and memory centers of the brain. The goal of this project is treat mice with chromatin modifying drugs and to explore the resulting molecular adaptations in nuclei of neurons located in fore- and hindbrain. Students will gain experience in mouse genetics, neuroanatomy and various chromatin assays. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to study current models of major psychiatric disease, including schizophrenia, mood disorders and addiction.

  2. The genome of vertebrates is subject to epigenetic modifications, including the methylation of cytosine residues in symmetrically positioned CpG dinucleotides. DNA-methylation has profound effects on transcriptional activity and chromosomal stability. The goal of this project is to determine the regulation of DNA-methylation in developing and aging brain. Students will apply various techniques to examine DNA-methylation patterns of selected gene sequences in defined cell populations of the CNS.

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