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Academic Background

1975, B.S., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1979, M.S., Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Imaging Molecular and Cellular Dynamics with Light Microscopy in Living Cells

Research in this lab is concerned with the both the development and the application of light microscopy and imaging in cell biology and biophysics. Some driving problems include imaging the molecular components driving endocytosis and exocytosis/secretion in various cell types, and the imaging of intracellular calcium signaling in excitable cells such as smooth muscle cells, chromaffin cells, and neurons. We have developed the TESM microscope that combines Total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) with Epi-fluorescence Structured illumination to provide new views of trafficking in the near-plasma membrane domain of cells. We have a unique, custom built, ultra-high speed microscope system for imaging the dynamics of intracellular calcium channel events, called "calcium sparks", that are being found to regulate an expanding array of cellular processes. We have a two-photon fluorescence microscope for looking deep inside tissue, completing the range from molecule to organism. Areas of on-going technology research include high-speed, high-resolution imaging of live cells and tissues, novel image processing approaches, high performance computing and computer graphics, with an emphasis on developing open source tools for the research community.


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