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Nanomaterials for Neuroscience, Biomolecule Imaging and Therapy

email: gang.han@umassmed.edu

B.S. Nanjing University,Ph.D. University of Massachusetts-Amherst ,Postdoctoral Fellow. The Molecule Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley Lab. Phone: 508-856-3297


My research is at the intersection between nanotechnology, neuroscience, bioimaging and therapy. We focus on developing both small and bright tools for biology, that is, designing synthetic/semi-synthetic nanomaterials or small molecules with unique programmable physical properties for basic science and biomedical applications.  These tools will be developed using a synergetic multidisciplinary approach, including synthetic chemistry, materials science, biochemistry, and cell biology.  In particular, we are most interested in developing optically active nanomaterials/molecules for probing signal transduction pathways, single-molecule imaging, sptiotemperol activation of neurons as well as diagnosis and drug delivery.

Contact: email: gang.han@umassmed.edu Phone : 508-856-3297

People in Lab:

Postdoctoral fellows:Yuanwei Zhang, Zhanjun Li, Jie Shen,  Graduate student: Xiang Wu,LWA/MQP student : Amol Punjabi, Hyungseok Alex Lee, George Han, Andrew Seto,  Rohit Maudgal


Postdoctoral fellows Yekui Zou (  2010- 2012, MIT)

Graduate students: Liang Zhao (2012 , Lecturer, Dalian University of Technology)

LWA students :Samuel J. Kesseli (2010-2013,  now MD student at Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine)

Lucas J. Brutvan, (2011, Process Engineer at 3M),
Anne-Marie Vu (2013, Tufts University)
Steven Buchholz (2011, Product Analyst at Boston Scientific)

El-rifai, Mahmoud (2013-1014 Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School), Amira Tokatli-Apollon(2013-2014  Design Assurance Engineer, HOLOGIC)

 Erin May Laroche; Rachael M. Matty; Babeu, Amy Monique; Cardoso, Marlisa Anne(2013 WPI)

Ayers, Brian Christopher (2013, MD/MBA Student - University of Rochester)

Luis Figueroa(2014, UMASS-Amherst)

Past rotation students: Xizhe Gao (2011, now Ph.D student at University of Maryland Baltimore School of Pharmacy), Artem Kutikov, (2011, Ph.D student at UMMS ), Lejie Zhang( 2013, Ph. D student at UMMS)


Post Docs

Positions for  postdoctoral fellows are available in the laboratory of Dr. Gang Han at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology of The University of Massachusetts- Medical School.

Research will focus on developing   novel small molecule/ nanoparticle approaches for translational biomedical sciences and molecular imaging.

Qualifications: Candidates have a Ph.D degree in (1)Organic Chemistry/polymer synthesis , (2) Molecular cell biology , (3) Biophysics or (4) Biochemistry. A solid training and substantial organic synthesis, animal experiments,  spectroscopy and  microscopy are desired.  Candidates need to have strong work ethic, creativity, and enthusiasm with proven ability to work independently and collaboratively.

To apply: Applicants should submit their CV including a full publication list and sources of three reference letters by email to gang.han@umassmed.edu

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Academic Article Dual-functional gadolinium-based copper(II) probe for selective magnetic resonance imaging and fluorescence sensing.
Academic Article Tuning payload delivery in tumour cylindroids using gold nanoparticles.
Academic Article Controlled synthesis and single-particle imaging of bright, sub-10 nm lanthanide-doped upconverting nanocrystals.
Academic Article Lanthanide-doped upconverting luminescent nanoparticle platforms for optical imaging-guided drug delivery and therapy.
Academic Article Theranostic upconversion nanoparticles (I).
Academic Article Theranostic upconversion nanoparticles (II).
Concept Molecular Imaging
Concept Imaging, Three-Dimensional
Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Concept Diagnostic Imaging
Concept Phantoms, Imaging
Academic Article Upconversion nanoparticles: a versatile solution to multiscale biological imaging.
Academic Article Tailoring dye-sensitized upconversion nanoparticle excitation bands towards excitation wavelength selective imaging.
Academic Article Dye-Sensitized Core/Active Shell Upconversion Nanoparticles for Optogenetics and Bioimaging Applications.
Academic Article Ultralow-Power Near Infrared Lamp Light Operable Targeted Organic Nanoparticle Photodynamic Therapy.
Academic Article Emerging ?800 nm Excited Lanthanide-Doped Upconversion Nanoparticles.
Academic Article Light-Mediated Deep-Tissue Theranostics.
Academic Article Tumor-Targeted and Clearable Human Protein-Based MRI Nanoprobes.
Academic Article Rational Design of Multifunctional Fe@?-Fe2 O3 @H-TiO2 Nanocomposites with Enhanced Magnetic and Photoconversion Effects for Wide Applications: From Photocatalysis to Imaging-Guided Photothermal Cancer Therapy.
Academic Article Designing next generation of photon upconversion: Recent advances in organic triplet-triplet annihilation upconversion nanoparticles.
Academic Article Engineering pH-Responsive BODIPY Nanoparticles for Tumor Selective Multimodal Imaging and Phototherapy.
Academic Article Tailoring nanoparticles based on boron dipyrromethene for cancer imaging and therapy.
Academic Article Coloring Afterglow Nanoparticles for High-Contrast Time-Gating-Free Multiplex Luminescence Imaging.
Concept Optical Imaging
Concept Multimodal Imaging
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