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Nanomaterials for Neuroscience, Biomolecule Imaging and Therapy

email: gang.han@umassmed.edu

B.S. Nanjing University,Ph.D. University of Massachusetts-Amherst ,Postdoctoral Fellow. The Molecule Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley Lab. Phone: 508-856-3297


My research is at the intersection between nanotechnology, neuroscience, bioimaging and therapy. We focus on developing both small and bright tools for biology, that is, designing synthetic/semi-synthetic nanomaterials or small molecules with unique programmable physical properties for basic science and biomedical applications.  These tools will be developed using a synergetic multidisciplinary approach, including synthetic chemistry, materials science, biochemistry, and cell biology.  In particular, we are most interested in developing optically active nanomaterials/molecules for probing signal transduction pathways, single-molecule imaging, sptiotemperol activation of neurons as well as diagnosis and drug delivery.

Contact: email: gang.han@umassmed.edu Phone : 508-856-3297

People in Lab:

Postdoctoral fellows:Yuanwei Zhang, Zhanjun Li, Jie Shen,  Graduate student: Xiang Wu,LWA/MQP student : Amol Punjabi, Hyungseok Alex Lee, George Han, Andrew Seto,  Rohit Maudgal


Postdoctoral fellows Yekui Zou (  2010- 2012, MIT)

Graduate students: Liang Zhao (2012 , Lecturer, Dalian University of Technology)

LWA students :Samuel J. Kesseli (2010-2013,  now MD student at Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine)

Lucas J. Brutvan, (2011, Process Engineer at 3M),
Anne-Marie Vu (2013, Tufts University)
Steven Buchholz (2011, Product Analyst at Boston Scientific)

El-rifai, Mahmoud (2013-1014 Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School), Amira Tokatli-Apollon(2013-2014  Design Assurance Engineer, HOLOGIC)

 Erin May Laroche; Rachael M. Matty; Babeu, Amy Monique; Cardoso, Marlisa Anne(2013 WPI)

Ayers, Brian Christopher (2013, MD/MBA Student - University of Rochester)

Luis Figueroa(2014, UMASS-Amherst)

Past rotation students: Xizhe Gao (2011, now Ph.D student at University of Maryland Baltimore School of Pharmacy), Artem Kutikov, (2011, Ph.D student at UMMS ), Lejie Zhang( 2013, Ph. D student at UMMS)


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