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Dr. Gina Vincent, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor and Director of Translational Law
& Psychiatry Research in the Center for Mental Health Services Research in the
Department of Psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester,
MA. She received her Ph.D. in the Forensic Psychology and Law program from Simon Fraser
University in 2003. Dr. Vincent has received funding from NIDA, NIMH and the MacArthur
Foundation for studies relevant to risk assessment for re-offending/violence, mental
health screening, and addiction among youth involved in the juvenile justice system or 
with callous-unemotional conduct disorder. She has a NIDA K01 Young Investigator’s Award to study the
underlying functionalities of cocaine addiction among youth with callous-unemotional conduct disorder. 
She is also the Co-Director of the National Youth Screening & Assessment Project (NYSAP; Director:
Thomas Grisso), a national technical assistance centers to assist juvenile justice agencies with the
selection and implementation of mental health screening and risk assessment tools.  Dr. Vincent also
has years of experience as a trainer and consultant for clinical forensic assessments of
psychopathic personality disorder using the Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised. 

Dr. Vincent has specialized interests in juvenile justice, particularly with respect to implementation 
and policy research, risk assessment for reoffending and violence, callous-unemotional conduct disorder and psychopathy, 
and development of screening and assessment tools. Her main goals pertain to the fair and
accurate use of risk assessment procedures in juvenile justice and identificaiton of the underlying 
neuropsychological functionalities of drug abuse. 

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