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Academic Article Commentary on Seagrave and Grisso: impressions of the state of the art.
Academic Article The validity of the Antisocial Process Screening Device as a self-report measure of psychopathy in adolescent offenders.
Academic Article Assessing violence risk and psychopathy in juvenile and adult offenders: a survey of clinical practices.
Academic Article Field reliability of the SAVRY with juvenile probation officers: Implications for training.
Academic Article Probation officers' perceptions of youths' risk of reoffending and use of risk assessment in case management.
Academic Article Does risk assessment make a difference? Results of implementing the SAVRY in juvenile probation.
Academic Article Subtypes of adolescent offenders: affective traits and antisocial behavior patterns.
Academic Article Juvenile sex offenders: a complex population.
Academic Article Psychopathy and violence risk assessment in youth.
Academic Article Sex and race differences in mental health symptoms in juvenile justice: the MAYSI-2 national meta-analysis.
Academic Article The PCL: YV and recidivism in male and female juveniles: a follow-up into young adulthood.
Concept Juvenile Delinquency
Academic Article Assessing psychopathy among justice involved adolescents with the PCL:YV: an item response theory examination across gender.
Academic Article Risk assessment matters, but only when implemented well: A multisite study in juvenile probation.
Academic Article Are risk assessments racially biased?: Field study of the SAVRY and YLS/CMI in probation.
Academic Article Callous-Unemotional Traits Modulate Brain Drug Craving Response in High-Risk Young Offenders.
Academic Article Investigating error-related processing in incarcerated adolescents with self-report psychopathy measures.
Academic Article Dysfunctional error-related processing in incarcerated youth with elevated psychopathic traits.
Academic Article Implementation of risk-need-responsivity principles into probation case planning.
Academic Article Use of structured professional judgment by probation officers to assess risk for recidivism in adolescent offenders.
Academic Article Youth with psychopathy features are not a discrete class: a taxometric analysis.
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