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Academic Article Anti-CD45RB treatment prolongs islet allograft survival in mice.
Academic Article Antibody-mediated targeting of CD45 isoforms: a novel immunotherapeutic strategy.
Academic Article Targeting signal 1 through CD45RB synergizes with CD40 ligand blockade and promotes long term engraftment and tolerance in stringent transplant models.
Academic Article Indefinite islet allograft survival in mice after a short course of treatment with anti-CD45 monoclonal antibodies.
Academic Article Islet filtration: a simple and rapid new purification procedure that avoids ficoll and improves islet mass and function.
Academic Article Prolonged islet allograft survival in diabetic NOD mice by targeting CD45RB and CD154.
Academic Article Successful incorporation of short-interfering RNA into islet cells by in situ perfusion.
Academic Article Antigen exposure during enhanced CTLA-4 expression promotes allograft tolerance in vivo.
Academic Article Inhibition of apoptosis by survivin improves transplantation of pancreatic islets for treatment of diabetes in mice.
Academic Article CTLA-4 up-regulation plays a role in tolerance mediated by CD45.
Academic Article Prolonged survival of allogeneic islet grafts in NOD mice treated with a combination of anti-CD45RB and anti-CD154 antibodies.
Academic Article Cutting edge: transplantation tolerance through enhanced CTLA-4 expression.
Academic Article Transplantation in the diabetic patient with advanced chronic kidney disease: a task force report.
Academic Article Effect of cyclosporine on established islet autografts.
Academic Article Donor-specific antigen and cyclosporine in rat islet allografts.
Concept Islets of Langerhans Transplantation
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